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Looking for a case that will help your HTC One S take all sorts of abuse, and manages to not look like a big black box around your phone? The D3O Flex protective case may be what you're looking for. At first glance is appears to be a standard TPU case (our model here has a trendy blue and white pattern, but there are other colors available), with precision cut outs for ports and camera, and those fancy blocks of vinyl over the buttons that allow to work them while covered. But the 3DO goes a step further with the secret orange goo that provides an extra layer of impact protection. They say it has "intelligent" molecules that flow freely until they lock together on impact and absorb the force. It sounds like some complicated science they're trying to put in layman's terms, but we know for sure the stuff works. And we know it's there between the rest of the layers because there's a tell-tale orange stripe inside the case. Technology is neat!

For the time when you're not trying to break your One S, the case is a pretty nice looking affair that really does keep everything well protected. The cutouts are very precise and allow easy access to the USB port, and stay out of the way of the camera and flash so you won't see any shadows or odd objects in your pictures. The button blocks are a little hard to push, but that's the situation with pretty much all TPU cases, so I'm not going to fault this one.

A lot of phones go through our hands, and a lot of cases do as well. I'm pretty impressed with this one, and preliminary tests of tossing my One S around the room seem to agree that it offers nice impact protection. Just don't go beating it with a mallet. To get one of your own, visit your local T-Mobile store or their website.  We've got a handful of pictures after the break.



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D3O Flex protective cover for the HTC One S [case review]


I have used the D30 band since it first came out back on my Galaxy S4g. I love the band, but dont care too much for the case. Although I am no longer with T-Mobile, I will most likely stop by to pick up a D30 band for my Verizon Galaxy S3 =)

I have the HTC One S and I put the D30 case on it the day I got it, the first week it was released. The sales guy at Tmo said D30 was the shiznit. It all seemed good and I bet the case works awesome if you drop the phone or something but mine was in my pocket. The phone was working fine all morning in Stockton, I drove home and pulled the phone out to make a call and the screen wouldn't light up. When I stopped and checked the phone out the lights would come on but no screen. In the sunlight I could see hairline cracks under the glass in the screen. The sales rep at Tmo said he thought it was pressure. I wear dickies with the cell pocket so I am sure my body weight is on that phone, but I have had alot of different phones including some iphones and never damaged a screen. It is on it's way back to HTC warranty, hopefully they find it was something wrong with this particular phone, if not I need to move on to a more durable design. The stuff I read lead me to believe the phone should be more durable with the aluminum body and all. If I can break it in my pocket I would suggest a special case or purse to carry it in and the D30 not the required protection for this device. Other than that, I was loving the thing.

I use this case on my One S! I dropped the phone once on the concrete and not only is the phone in perfect condition but the case didn't even scratch!

I've never bought a phone case before because I'm used to having Nokia smartphones with tank like build quality so this is my first case. The in store sales rep talked it up like it was the best case, protection wise, that man has ever made. I have to give him credit. He convinced me, I watched the D30 YouTube videos and parted with nearly $30 and walked out happy.

I'm serious, I never used phone cases for any of my Nokias and even despise screen protectors. It was a hard sell, especially considering the fact that the case isn't cheap.

The case is worth every penny. I can confidently put the One S on any surface without worrying about damaging the phone. The only downside is that the case fits so tight that it feels like it is going to rip the power button off when I take the case off. I recommend NOT removing the case often as it seriously fits THAT close to the phone.

Now I wish I had D30 cases for my Nokias...

Can anyone compare the thickness of this case to another one like the diztronic or cruzerlite? This sounds like a great case, but for that kinda money i dont want bulk. I could buy 3.5 of either of the other ones for that money. :)