A quick heads up for those of you who use Copy for your cloud storage — You can now stream applicable files to a Chromecast. That, stability improvements and user interface improvements round out the changelog.


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Copy adds Chromecast support


Been using the beta for the past couple weeks. It works pretty well. I just wish they'd add 2-step authentication for some extra security.

Throwing out a referral link if anyone wants to get an extra 5GB if you are signing up:

Is the problem with uploading from the device now fixed? Previously it would always display an "transfer interrupted" message when trying to upload anything through the app.

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Does Copy let you even stream videos you upload? The only storage solution I know that does that is Google Drive. Maybe I should try uploading a video and check on my Copy account. Great to see Chromecast support for sure.

Unlike others, I'm not gonna spam referral links, it's really just comment thread littering really.

I love how these other apps add these things before Google itself adds this feature to Drive. C'mon Google! I need this for my Drive app.