Verizon  HTC Merge contest

The rumors are true, folks. We've got a Verizon-branded HTC Merge. If you don't know the sordid tale, it goes like this: Some 11 months ago, we got the Internet's only known hands-on with this sexy little slider. The phone itself hadn't yet been announced by Verizon -- and it never would be. It's since been released on a handful of regional carriers -- and we finally did an official review.

So we've got this Verizon-branded Merge. But not for long. It's soon going to belong to one of you. Yes, we're giving away the White Whale. Want full details? They're after the break.

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So that's it. You're going to download and print out ol' Lloyd, then have him travel the world.

And, yes, we said the world. The Merge is a World Phone, after all. And while you might not be able to use it to its full potential outside the United States, we'll open this contest up to everybody. So, here are the official instructions:

  • Download Lloyd from this link, then print him out and put him on a stick or something. Don't just Photoshop him into a picture.
  • Take a picture with yourself and Lloyd. No, not just Lloyd. We want to see you, too. If you're not in the picture, you're not in the running.
  • Update: OK, this was supposed to be about printing out Lloyd and taking a picture with him. But if you submit a picture of yourself in a Lloyd T-shirt, we'll accept that, too. Buying a shirt's not a requirement for this contest, though.
  • E-mail your shots to me. Use the subject line "Merge Contest."
  • I'll accept entries through Sept. 2. That gives you two weeks to get your shots in.
  • Either I'll pick a winner myself, or we'll put it up to the group for a vote if we get a lot of great entries, which I'm betting we will.
  • Remember, we're giving you a phone -- you're on your own for service.

That's it, folks. Good luck!


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Contest: Win a free Verizon-branded HTC Merge by taking Lloyd on the road



The Space Needle is specifically prohibited in the contest rules. So is the White House, the Empire State Building, the Grand Canyon, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Yankee Stadium, Disneyland, and anywhere else I'm not at and able to take a shot.

Just stop at a Flying J or Petro that has that internet terminal, I'm pretty sure I've seen them with printers.

Shouldn't have a problem getting it activated. There have been a few phones like the LG VX8370, Samsung U370, and others that have been pushed to the wayside by Verizon. However, customers are still able to activate the device and warranty replacements are still covered by Verizon. Being as this device is 'used', it wouldn't be covered under warranty, but should have no issues getting it activated.


No , not all of it , you caught me
I actually gave up on reading the details after the last few contests

So I'm betting a shot of me looking at all the web sites that have ripped off (borrowed) LLoyd isn't going to count...

This contest is too much work for a mediocre phone. I'll write you a Pulitzer prize-winning novel for a SGII. :)

Is there a way to use this phone in Germany (because of this whole Verizon branding thing)?
with Cusom Roms or something like that?
I'd be really interested in this contest, but I don't want to win a phone I can't use =)

I am going to try to get a picture of Lloyd & myself during the hurricane 40+ ft on the air from my bucket truck helping me work on power lines.. Can't promise but will see what I can come up with..

Also I do not want to my thunderbolt, so if I can do this it will have to be during a rain lull.. Lol... Kids don't try this at home.. This is very dangerous, leave it to me, I am a trained professional...lmao