HTC in London

Just a quick reminder that we're live in London this evening -- afternoon/morning for those of you in the United States -- for an unveiling of ... something. Can't quite put our finger on why, but we think Beats Audio has something to do with it. Stay tuned, and hit us up on Twitter for the latest updates.


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Coming up: HTC live in London with Beats Audio


I hope the UK version of the Vigor is announced, but I recon it will be the Sensation XL, basically a HTC Titan with Android

I was at the HTC Beats Music event in the evening tonight and the Sensation XL is just that bit too big in my opinion, the screen's blacks were actually horrible greys and the preproduction models at the Camden Roundhouse must have had plastic screens as when touched even lightly the lcd panel behind warped and went the way and lcd screen goes when pressure is applied, the single core 1.5GHz processor was just a shock really. It is a quite nice looking device tho, with the beats-esk glowing hard buttons and notification light, the camera was also nice, and it all ran very impressively smoothly. Still the music event was great as Beardyman opened the show and was absolutely epic!!!!! Thanks to HTC for the continued amount of London events, keep them coming!