Desire HD

HTC announced the Desire HD last week at an event in London. It's basically the global version of the Evo 4G, with some design tweaks (and no 4G, natch).

After the break is a video made by HTC to provide a closer look at the device. It shows off the hardware as well as some of the phone's best features, including:

  • Adobe Flash support
  • Home media streaming via DLNA
  • E-books
  • Cached maps

Check out the video for yourself after the break. [YouTube]


Reader comments

A closer look at the HTC Desire HD (video)


What the video doesn't show is the different Themes so that you don't have to have that same stupid curve doc on the bottom of the screen all the time, also and easier "and dare I say prettier" way to switch between "Scenes" . . .

Pocketnow has the ROM running on an HD2 . . . IN 3 separate videos

Neither the prior linked article nor the video comes out and states clearly whether this will run on at&t.

From my understanding the Desire HD is going to be the European version of your Evo, so chances are if you do get its gonna be a while away yet so probably no a&t for the time being...

I just went to and it gives you a pop-up that requires you to use a username and password, is everyone getting that? i suppose the page isn't ready yet?

Yeah no 3g means no deal. For real if I want a phone with no 3g I will just switch to cricket since their 3g is spottier than at&t and T-Mobile. Plus its only 55 a month for an Android plan.