In the business world where mobility is king and comes with a high demand, who better to answer the call than Cisco? Cisco announced a new product called the Cius. The Cius is a mobile android-based tablet with the business connectivity and features you expect from every Cisco product and beyond. The Cius runs on Android and features a 7-inch high-resolution color screen, an Intel Atom 1.6-GHz processor, 32GB of flash memory to store marketplace apps, a detachable/replaceable 8-hour battery, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and 3G/4G data, Cisco collaboration applications, an HD soundstation, HD audio, 720p HD video with Cisco TelePresence for video conferencing and integrated security. You can view a video demonstration of the Cius here. [via Cisco]

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bighoward305 says:

Sounds like a BEAST!!!!

Eparks12 says:


gbhil#AC says:

Now THIS is a tablet :)

This is definitely a good thing for Google's stockholders lol

Why only for business?? I want one for my HOUSE!

darrylb1 says:

awesome. i will get one

Wow. This sounds like just the sort of tablet Android needs to really move into the tablet space.

tati7 says:

it's for business. so, it must be expensive.

ken.b says:

It's "Cisco" so it'll be at least eleventy million dollars.

belogical says:

Does this mean a Cisco VPN is in the works for android finally?

Jimmygadget says:

My hands on with Cius was awesome!  

Cius next to iPad

Cius Hands-on

Kerensky97 says:

Any bets as for how long until we see it on CSI:NY?

Looks cool though. With their access to the business community this could get massive sales... And the rest of us in the non-business world will never hear about it again.