Whoopsie. Someone kinda got distracted by all this Moto X stuff and forgot to post Thursday's contest. My fault. So let's double up on Friday and give away two more Chromecasts!

Just leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down at midnight PST and pick a couple winners soon thereafter.

Only one more to go after this. Now, what to do with these new Nexus 7s and a bunch of NVIDIA Shields? To be continued ...


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Chromecast-a-Day: Let's double up for Friday


Can't wait to try one of these. Wish they were not back ordered everywhere...

Whew... got a little distracted by the Moto X news and forgot to look for a chance to enter.

please please please let me win one of these today..I want one so bad and can't buy one anywhere.Good luck to all.

I'll gladly take one off your hands :-)

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Just let me see if it works here as great as it works in USA. Also if you choose me I'll applause you. Loudly.

No moto x for the UK, one of these chromecasts should ease the pain ;-)

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I have entered and since this is a double up can this count as two entries as well...

OK - I've studied up on using Chromecast on my Ubuntu 13.04 laptop. Please send me one and I'll report back on how it works (or doesn't.)


This is my last day of being single...

I'm losing singlehood, this would be great for all those nights at home with the wife.

I've list it all but Android Central can give me some life

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Hey guys,
Writing this from my new Nexus 7 (2013), and I'd be extremely grateful for the ability to Chromecast from it.
Thanks for the continued contests.

OK, you have convinced me to try again. Next time don't try so hard, I promise I will enter the contests without so much effort.

Yesterday was my birthday, and no one in my family gave me one of these so...

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Count me in. Need a little good news on furlough Friday!

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Please disregard this post, and do not consider it an entry. The friend I was entering for managed to order one from best buy yesterday, complete with Netflix code.

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The best part of a long Friday would be winning one of these.

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Come on.......send one to the UK as were not allowed the moto x!!!!!

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Calling Best Buy every day to try and get one of these. I think they are going to have my number blocked soon from calling soo much :-). I hope I win one of these!!!!

Hey Phil, Why don't you bundle a chromecast with one of those new nexus 7's and then throw in a NVIDIA Shield as an early birthday present? What'd you say? huh huh huh?

Giving this another swing. Swinging for the fences. I hope I can swing it. (Corny) Lol. Good luck folks. Thanks AC.

I am too cheap to buy this product even for it's low, low price. Help me have the best of both worlds by giving it to me for free. :)

ChromeCast seems awesome! Combine this with the Google Games services and we might get some really wicked outcomes.

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