Whoopsie. Someone kinda got distracted by all this Moto X stuff and forgot to post Thursday's contest. My fault. So let's double up on Friday and give away two more Chromecasts!

Just leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down at midnight PST and pick a couple winners soon thereafter.

Only one more to go after this. Now, what to do with these new Nexus 7s and a bunch of NVIDIA Shields? To be continued ...


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Chromecast-a-Day: Let's double up for Friday



I used to be a avid Firefox user and iPhone owner (yuck that has a terrinle taste). When I switched to ANDROID and chrome life change for the better!!! I love what Google is doing and need me a CHROMECAST!!!!!!!!

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Think a Chromecast would replace my Tivo? I bet it does a better job with YouTube than the Tivo.

Awesome. Doubles my chances, and my tablet wouldn't start yesterday, so this is perfect! Thanks!

I gotta.cast away my chrome come.up.with something.else witty to win these.chromecasts

C'mon let me win something! Stay my Friday off right lol thanks

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So a pirate walks into a bar with a ship's steering wheel in his pocket. The bartender looks at him quizzically and asks, 'What's with the wheel'? The pirate sighs and says, "YAR! It be drivin' me nuts!"

Double your chromecast, double your fun. I was lucky enough to get a chromecast on release day, but I donated it to my local comic shop yesterday. I'd love to get a replacement since they seem to be sold out EVERYWHERE!

I've ordered twice at Amazon and still out of stock!
Maybe my luck will be best with a free one from you!

Thanks again for all the contests. It will be even better when I win.

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Well its said that you have to be in it to win it!

He's hoping ;-)

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Please!!!! I really want one!! This would be awesome to have in my house. Once you go Chromecast you won't go back!!

To quote the late, great Jerry Garcia: "Waiting for a miracle..."

Well, more like hoping. Happy [day late] birthday, Jerry.

Only s few services to start, but big potential. I hope I win the Chromecast.

I think at this point, I have a better chance at winning one here, before the one I ordered from Amazon is going to ship.

Wow, after running around Union Square in NYC on Wednesday night, like a madman, on a wild goose chase, trying to win Moto X event tix from Motorola, to no avail, winning one of these Chromecasts would be fantastic!

At least your doubling up and not doubling down. As companies like to say, which always seems to fail.

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