This is it, folks. The final offering from our weeklong "Chromecast-a-day" contest. We've given away a half-dozen already, and today rounds it out.

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. That's it. We'll pick from entries through midnight PST tonight. We've got a little catching up to do, so stay tuned for a week's worth of winners.

Good luck!


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Chromecast-a-day: The final dongle



My wife would love one of these. If I win I might let her use it on occasion.:)

My birthday was last Sunday, and this would make a Great Birthday present! Please, AC, please!!!

Please pick me, I don't have home wifi, so it would be awesome to be able to watch YouTube vids and Netflix straight from my smartphone on my big screen tv.

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I sooo want one. Thanks Android Central Team!

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Last chance then, please let it be a great weekend by picking me!
Crossing my fingers and toes!

I'd take such good care of a little Chromecast if it were mine. I'd feed it, water it and play with it all the time.

It's $35 so people in States should buy it themselves and leave the contest for us in Canada!

I hope I get selected. I have an older hdtv that is just itching to become a "smart" TV.

Another useless comment for the masses to ignore....

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After lying in bed for almost four weeks in a Hospital in Sweden I was very pleased to hear the announcement of Chromecast. Finally I can be able to see what I wanna see not only on my galaxy note but also on my TV screen. I hope to see it soon in my room at the hospital. (If you dont beleive me just watch my Facebook)

OK, last chance and looking for a win to cast my media to the "big screen"!

Let's hope for a second try for the win!!! Want to say a big Thanks to Phil and the crew for the contests!

One more try and then it's time to hit the 'order' button and wait patiently for several weeks. ;)

Let it be mehe, let it be me.
Let it beheheheee meeeeeee.
Guess the artist ;)

Would definitely love to win and receive this so that I can give away the one Amazon says I should be receiving around Aug 21st.

Just looking to pay it forward.

Thanks again for these giveaways!

I could definitely use this in my bedroom! I currently have no method of streaming while laying in bed with the wife.

If I don't win the Powerball, winning a Chromecast would be the next best thing.

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This is one gud device which I was luking for a long long time..gr8 work google... hope I will be the lucky one

The Last Dongle....that should be a movie title. Chromecast......yes please.

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Hopefull for a chromecsst cuz it will be a while before they come to europe

Pick me please I am in love with google I really really want this amazing chrome cast!!!!!!

One more shot.. please let it be me.

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Oh no, running out of time to win! That's OK - the final day will make victory even sweeter!

I faintly hear donna summer singing a modified version of her song in the background, this one called "Last Chance" haha

Might be a little scary putting the guys podcast on the big screen but I think I could risk it! ;-)

I somehow forgot to enter for the other days, so here's my entry for the last Chromecast.

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PHIL NICKINSON Editor in Chief

"Phil is a recovering print journalist, editor of Android Central, subtitles and street signs."

Good Man !

Gotta be in it to win it! Thanks Android Central for making it fun.

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