OK, boys and girls. We're in the home stretch now. Just four Chromecasts remaining on our desk, and one of them can be yours today.

We're declaring this "No-hoop Hump Day." To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. We'll collect 'em through midnight PDT (anything after that won't count) and pick a winner in the morning.

And congrats to the winners of the first two days —  Ben in Utah and Ray in Houston! Your Chromecasts are on their way!


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Chromecast-a-day: And then there were four



Thanks for another great contest, Android Central! Hopefully a little luck is on my side.

I must win this time right? I didn't win the Nexus 7 so I'll have to settle for this.

Sweet, no hoops. Haven't really been a basketball fan for a few years anyways, so no hoops is good.

I would greatly appreciate your kind consideration in awarding me a Chromecast. I would give it to my husband as a big surprise because he says I never give him any good gifts. Help me!

Now I wanna see y'all on your baddest behavior
Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor
Uh!Here we go know...
Shake it, shake, shake it, shake it (chromecast oh oh)
Shake it, shake, shake it, shake it to get the chromecast

Uh-oh! Guess what day it is?? Guess what day it is! Huh…anybody? Julie! Hey…guess what day it is?? Ah come on, I know you can hear me. Phil Phil Phil Phil Phil… What day is it Phil? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Leslie, guess what today is? --- I'd be happier than a Camel on Hump day to win a Chromecast....Woot Woot!

I wish that you guys would select your winners by checking to see who is on your site the most times throughout the day, and who pays more attention to your articles and posts, than their own family!!! LOL

Then I would win ALL of these giveaways I guess.....:)

So let me know where I should send me address to, so you can mail me my Chromecast for being your biggest van, and most valued reader/follower.


It's kinda weird that last years cool home media product was an overbuilt sphere that didn't really do anything, and this years is a sleek minimalistic stick that does a ton of stuff with the openness for even more great stuff.

CONGRATULATIONS to the previous winners... hopefully one day I'll be the recipients of the congratulatory comments! <3
Your site rocks, BTW!

My television is terminally ill and its dying wish is to receive a free chromecast. Keep hope alive!

Wonder if I've been winning. If you don't make a creative requirements where will we get the mojo for our comments...smh

Eagerly waiting like a kid waiting for the Tooth-Ferry!

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I went to Best Buy looking for a chromecast. They were sold out. Hoop-fully this will be the golden ticket.

I would love one to play with m new Nexus 7...... Well after they get that Netflix problem fixed

Getting worried here, I need to win one of these puppies now.

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Maybe being one of the last to post will help my chances.

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Let's try this again. Can't even get a glimpse of one. Three kids would love to stream Netflix to my tv.

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4 to go? Sounds like 4 folks are going to be rewarded for being faithful AC readers.

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ohhhh for once in my life...
let me
let me
let me
get what i want
lord knows it would be the first time
the smiths

There once was a man from Nantucket who had told Apple to suck it. His Chromecast desire through Android Central could acquire, but if he doesn't win than he'll just have to... Go out and buy one in 3-4 weeks or more.

So my Local best buy has a customer service guy named Manny. Now I went in and Manny promised me a hold on the next chromecast to come in to the store. I called today and manny said they never came. then he said they came. then he said only one came. then he said he sold them. then he said they never came. I'm uber pissed and i wanna get one and rub it in Manny's fat shiny bald face and tell him to suck my cast. cuz he ought to. If you hate crappy customer service, please give this to me!!

This thing is so cool. I wish it wasn't sold out everywhere.

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Guess What Day It Is, Guess What Day It Is!!! Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike! Hump Day!! Woot Woot!!

I haven't won anything from Mobilenations in a while, could this be the moment?

Not even hula hoops? Oh well. Does it count extra if I type with my left ring finger only?

its my time I can feel it. If I dont hit powerball tonight I know I will be picked for this in the A.M.!!!

Hey Phil! Phil! Phil! Phil!

I know you can hear me!

You know what day it is????


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