Chrome Tab Sync

Todays release of the stable version of Google Chrome 19 brings with it a killer feature which really does beg the question -- why would you use any other browser? 

When signed in to Chrome 19 on the desktop, as well as Chrome Beta on your Android 4.0 device, all currently open tabs will be synchronized between every device you're signed in on. Put simply, you could be reading Jerry's awesome review of the Sprint Galaxy Nexus on your computer, but you have to leave for work before you're done. Open up Chrome Beta on your Android phone or tablet, and there it is, ready for you to open and get right back to reading. 

The tabs are displayed within the "other devices" section found within the main menu on Chrome Beta, and the new tab menu on Chrome desktop. 

There are some other new features included in the release of Chrome 19 that are desktop only, but the merging of Chrome on desktop and Android can only be a good thing for the future. Hit the break for Google's promo video. 

Source: Google Chrome Blog


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Chrome 19 desktop browser released, keeps tabs with your mobile devices


That's wassup..... Now if only we can get Chrome on gingerbread devices. Even tho I'm getting the Evo LTE on Friday, but still I want it NOOOOOOW lol

You might have to go to your Computer's Chrome Settings panel and hit the Advanced Sync settings button and make sure all the appropriate checkboxes are checked.

My phone was already seeing my tablet, but it couldn't see my desktop till I took this step.

I can even see my Linux machine's tabs. Cool.

Great feature I just noticed as well - the ability to enable some extensions to run in incognito mode. This is important to me since I run incognito on my work computer but I still want Pandora notifier to run

Is this new? I've been syncing my desktop tabs to my mobile since chrome beta was released. Am I missing anything?

I've been running desktop Chrome's v. 19 beta and have had this feature for a while, but since they released the Stable version, it seems like the phone syncing is broken. The only thing I get under other devices is my home pc, even though my phone is signed in.

Phone syncs fine with work computer, but not the other way around.

The only new part is that the syncing is available on your computer. For me, this works great because I have 2 laptops on my desk in the office, one with 2 screens to get the work done and one with 1 screen for email and music. But if I want to send a link to something I've been working on via email, I can grab the link from the other computer without working to copy the URL over. (Been doing this for ~2 months since it hit Chrome Dev/Canary).

Basically, the feature you know and love from Chrome Beta for Android is now available on all your machines.

Yes that is correct, device syncing was available on Chrome beta but not on the Desktop chrome version. Cool though

right..and conversely you can also browse porn while at home and it will already be on your screen at work when you get in!