Cellular South's HTC Desire coming next week

The HTC Desire from Cellular South (read our full review here) should be available sometime in the middle of next week, according to Cellular South's Facebook fan page.  This is great news for the many who have been waiting for the Desire to come stateside, and anyone who picks this one up is sure to be happy.  With the HTC Hero (also in sexy black), the Milestone, now the Desire, and soon the Galaxy S, Cell South is embracing Android and we're loving it.  Let's hear from you Cell South users -- represent! [Cellular South via Facebook] Thanks Adam!

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bloo0153 says:

I have always wanted a desire since the first time I saw one. Too bad it isn't available on any national carriers. (Don't tell me to get a Dinc, it's just not the same)

gyroslice says:

I can't wait to move up from my HTC Hero. The 2.1 update crippled my phone. (Since rooted an running the CM6 ROM). Don't know if I should wait for the Cell South Galaxy S or the yet unannounced android handset.

efox says:

That update screwed up mine too. I have an occasional lag with outgoing calls that's very frustrating. I thought about the Galaxy S too, but I like Sense UI

gyroslice says:

my phone was taking 20-30 secs to place an outgoing call. it was mind-numbing. it is doing much better with this froyo ROM. it still has its lags. the hardware just doesn't have the power to do everything android needs it to do.

efox says:

And I can't upgrade until November. My Hero has seen better days. I hope the Desire can take as much abuse as my Hero has.

crxssi says:

What's a "Cellular South"?

ok... so 2 things. 1. Has the Samsung Galaxy S been confirmed to come to Cellular South by CS themselves? Any word on when? 2. I'm glad to see CS starting to stack their Android catalog out, but what they really need to work on is their 3g speed. It is really like 2g and 1/2. I am embarrassed to sit next to my friend at work who is on ATT and gets close to 1.5 megs download.. while I'm sitting there hardly able to stream from youtube because CS network just can't keep up. I think I get faster uploads than downloads and even the uploads max out at around .5 meg. SO SAD! Other than that and the lag of the hero.. I have no other complaints though. Wish I could have held out a little longer because I've only had the hero for about 3 months. I really wanted the desire. But I guess I'll have to wait till I can upgrade.

ok2much11 says:

The CDMA desire has been in the US for almost a month now.

U.S. Cellular was the first one to get it in the U.S. and it is available on a national plan.