Cellular South phones

OK, all you boys and girls on Cellular South. Got a couple new phones to whet your appetite. And they would be the HTC Desire II (see our hands-on) and the HTC Wildfire S (hands-on). Neither sequel is a huge surprise -- Cell South had both the original Desire (read our review) and the original Wildfire (see review of Alltel version).

Don't know just when we'll see the Desire 2 or the Wildfire S on Ceulluar South, but they're definitely on their way. And for you Windows Phone 7 fans, it looks like the HTC 7 Pro is headed that way, too. Thanks, anon!

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radgatt says:

A whole lot of news this morning...that's nice.

gln says:

Great phones, awful carrier. :&

thesneak155 says:

Awful carrier? Why do you say that?