Android Central Podcast

We're back, boys and girls! It's a new year, and we're ready to kick this podcast into high gear. Coming up this afternoon -- at a special time of 3:30 p.m. Eastern -- we'll be recording Episode 121 of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World! On tap today -- our predictions for the year, a preview of what we expect next week from CES in Las Vegas, and more of your e-mails and voicemails.

Not at a computer? Pick up the free UStream Viewer from Google Play [link] and search for Mobile Nations a little before the show (it won't appear until we go live). We'll see you there!


Reader comments

Catch the first Android Central Podcast of 2013 this afternoon!


Is this where you'll be announcing the gift card winners? Oh, and lets not forget the nexus 4, Can't wait!

I would really like to see Google wallet nfc payments come to the UK this year!

A longtime wish of mine has finally come true -- I'll be able to follow an AC podcast live! Here in Europe your usual live broadcast time is too late (3 a.m. CET) for me to attend.