Case-Mate Tough for HTC One M8

This case gives the HTC One M8 some grip it's sorely lacking

We sometimes joke about using a large phone to bludgeon someone. Or sometimes you'll pack your phone in one of those large "rugged" shells and see what kind of damage you can do. But rarely do we look at one of those form fitting cases as a blunt instrument.

That changes today, with the Case-Mate Tough Case for the HTC One M8.

This sucker is one serious case.

The Tough Case comes in two pieces — the usual sort of rubber inner shell (that frankly I didn't even notice at first as I just shoved my phone inside and went on my way — and a more rigid outer shell. (You'll notice when you take your phone out, though.) They combine to create an impressively sturdy case that still keeps the overall size and shape of the phone. It adds a little bulk, sure, but it makes up for it with some really good texture to add grip that the M8 so desperately needs.

And, well, that's it. The whole thing just feels so solid. You get the standard points about lifting the display off of desks a millimeter or two when left face down, and there are cutouts for the cameras, microphones, headphone jack and USB port. The power button cover is transparent as to not block IR signals that live within it, and the volume button almost looks like it's the phone's, and not part of the cover.

Really, though, it's the grip and texture that stand out here. I'm not usually a case person — the M8 has been the sole outlier for me. I might never take this one off.

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The Case-Mate Tough Case for the HTC One M8


This looks cool. The various problems with the dot view case are starting to wear on me. I might switch to something like this instead.

I'm planning on making my next phone the M8, depending on how the Note 4 turns out. I was planning on just getting a textured skin, since I like form factor of the phone. This case is making me change my mind though. More grip and access to the IR blaster are huge pluses.

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Wow you have it down to the Note 4 or the M8? That one should be a no brainer unless you really hate TW that much

The touchwiz ui is OK now. Its livable if you root and uninstall some of the completely useless apps.

Posted via Galaxy ace plus running Speedmod 2.5 with Xposed

With a few phones now an aosp ROM just doesn't work anymore, because of their specific hardware. E.g. duo camera, thumb print/heart rate, laser focus.
It used to be that if you didn't like the stock ui it was a simple matter to switch. But not anymore. Which IMO makes the stock ui a very important factor in getting a phone.

Edit: looks a bit like a rant. Its not, sorry.

I get that it is not a rant but a preference.

That is one of the reasons that stock is becoming more of what it should have always been, a base to improve on, not a consumer product. If someone wants to go that way an cripple features on the phone, go with it. I just shake my head and pull out my s-pen or take a picture with my laser focus and shake my head.

Hopefully Silver will live up to what I have in my head. Something along the lines of GPe, stock interface with bells/whistles. Gives someone like you the best of both and doesnt skimp

I live with them (for a little while) but I agree that the duplicate apps from Samsung need to go...features though are a totally different animal

Your forgetting price also cause by the time the note 4 launches at probably $249 or $299 on a 2 year agreement or you could get the m8 for around $49 to $99 on the same 2 year agreement .

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I am sure that was taken into consideration. Besides I would hope that it would be cheaper considering how long it has been out and how inferior the specs will be to the Note 4

That's what I did. Put a Slickwraps Cork wrap on the back. Adds grip, looks awesome, and the phone still looks naked from the front and sides.

You might want to keep an eye on Motorola too to see if the "Moto S" becomes a reality. Similar specs to the Note 4, 5.9" display, but probably an equal or smaller form factor to the Note because of the lack of a home button. Also near stock Android and front facing speakers kinda give you the best of the Note and the M8. It probably won't come with a stylus though so if that's one of the selling points for you for the Note you may be out of luck

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I have been using the case mate tough case line since my LG Thrill. It is sleek and made of high quality that protects and lasts and at the same time doesn't make you look like an asshole with a phone wedged inside a box.

Fan boy or not, I prefer this case to a broken phone.

In the comparo/review of the GS5 I remember the comment about how the "non-metal" back on the GS5 causes it to run a little hotter, and thus throttle back a little more.

What does this thick snuggy do to the phone when it is being pushed compared to running in its birthday suit?

I have a Case-Mate Tough case on my device. It's the best case I've ever used. I just hope they make one for the Sony Xperia Z3.

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What about the clear transparent version of this case, so we can at least see the metal finish, is it any good?

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