Case-Mate Barely There Case for Galaxy Nexus

Case-Mate's "Barely There" series of cases has a reputation for offering a good level of protection against knocks and bumps, without turning your phone into a bulky, unpocketable brick. The latest Barely There case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus continues this tradition, with a sturdy yet sleek design that covers the most vulnerable areas of the device.


The case has a soft touch finish all over, which means it feels great in the hand, and its sleek lines fit in well with the rounded design of the Galaxy Nexus. As you'd expect from a premium case, you also get cut-outs for all your major ports and buttons, including the rear speakers and noise-cancelling microphones. While it doesn't provide all-over protection, the Barely There case for the Galaxy Nexus strikes a good balance between protection and aesthetics. One particularly useful feature is the raised lip around the left and right edges, which raises the device up slightly when it's laid flat, protecting the screen from scratches.

The Case-Mate Barely There case fits both the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus and  international GSM version, so whichever model you have, you'll be good to go.

We've got more photos after the break.

Case-Mate Barely There Case for Galaxy Nexus Case-Mate Barely There Case for Galaxy NexusCase-Mate Barely There Case for Galaxy Nexus Case-Mate Barely There Case for Galaxy Nexus

There are 19 comments

themuffinman says:

This looks very nice.

rawpower87 says:

These are the only cases that I like on my phones. They are awesome and I get complements on them all the time.

radyoactive says:

I have this case and adds very little thickness to the phone. I've used one on my Thunderbolt and on my wife's iphone 4.

stez says:

Will this case fit with the extended battery and cover?

darb76 says:

No. It will not. It is a rigid case and has no flex to it. Standard battery only.

aimetti says:

does this actually work with the GSM model.

I have heard reports that their cases have horrible fitment on them since they arent actually meant for it.

StuRoid says:

Ive got this on my Nexus now and really wish it had top and bottom protection.

nctrnl says:

Those exposed edges would make me edgy.

TTGTOVR4 says:

Does it fit with zagg?

crankerchick says:

I'm not feeling the exposed edges. Those are the main areas my phone has already suffered some damage from being dropped.

elkniwcire says:

Unfortunately, because I feel that all of the case "reviews" are nothing more than advertisements for the Android Central store, I find it hard to see this as a true review, and thus hard to trust.

tx_tuff says:

With no protection at the top and bottom that's 50% of phone that isn't covered, leaving this case useless as far as I see it.

I have one on my dinc and suprisingly it does help protect the device.
My Nexus I went with a pop for more protection.

Looks sort of like the Private Label Verizon $50 -Power & Protection Package- some of us got on Launch Day...

I like it, but yeah, the bottom & top corners are semi-exposed... but I like the textured back and comes with a kickstand...

treoo0#AC says:

Great case. Little bulk and doesn't interfere w/left-right swipes. Why buy a gnex and put a brick around it? Anything else makes no sense.

jordo_99 says:

...and not one mention if this works with an extended battery.

For those interested, it supposedly fits the phone but the cutouts and buttons don't play well together (buttons touch the edges of the cutouts instead of sitting in the middle).

Source (Nexus Case Wiki from XDA):

slopokdave says:

I had this case for a week and am sending it back (to Amazon). It was a little loose to being with (VZW LTE Version) and is already creaky after a week. Meh.

Wicket says:

over at XDA there is a good thread comparing this case vs the Incipio feather case. check it out.

IMO both of these cases are awesome! just letting the people know their options. :)

XXXdc5 says:

Am I missing something? It doesnt cover the top or bottom edges which is where you normally drop your phone... why the FFFFF would I want to buy this!?!