HTC One M8

Following similar updates by some of the U.S. carriers, the first software upgrade for the HTC One M8 has started to arrive in Canada. We're seeing an update to version 1.55.631.4 on our Rogers M8, which adds the new power-saving feature alongside "camera and gallery feature enhancements."

Extreme Power Saving mode was available on European HTC One M8 devices at launch, but handsets in the U.S. had to wait for an over-the-air update. From our HTC One M8 review, here's a quick rundown of what the super-low-power mode actually does:

Basically it shuts down all connections but still allows phone calls and texts to come through. You can manually refresh e-mail if you want — but only in HTC's e-mail app. Your smartphone essentially is turned into a dumb phone. And to make sure you don't cheat and try to actually make it do things, the M8 gets a new home EXTREME home screen, with shortcuts to the Phone, Messages, Mail, Calendar and Calculator apps. To exit EXTREME mode, you'll need to hit the dedicated "Exit" button.

HTC says that with only 5 percent battery remaining, you can eke out 15 hours in this EXTREME mode. On a full battery? It'll last something like a dozen days. We'd consider this to be more of an emergency mode than EXTREME, however.

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Canadian HTC One M8 updated with Extreme Power Saving and camera tweaks


Battery is allready Suprisingly good this feature is great for those rare times you can't reach a plug to recharge but need access to text messaging and phone calls.

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Is there a way to quickly create the same sort of "extreme saving" function on other phones. I love the idea. I'm using a Note 2, which has good battery life... but sometimes I need two or three days straight. Perhaps there is an app or a cute Samsung shortcut to get the same result?

Well the s5 launched with a similar feature so maybe it will come to your phone in an update.

Posted via Android Central App

Turn off data and background sync.
Those would be the biggest things. You'd still have apps running but they wouldn't be able to sync data.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.