HTC One update

Some good news for our neighbors to the north — the Canadian versions of the HTC One appear to be getting their updates to Android 4.3 today, with word of updates hitting Rogers and Telus thus far. That makes the "end of September" deadline HTC was shooting for, but those of us in the U.S. still have to wait a bit.

It's a hefty update, as the screenshot above points out — but this one's well worth it.

More: HTC One forums; Thanks, Dhaval and Jonas! 

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out2late says:

Downloading now... :)

NickA says:

I'm excited for this update, but I have the Verizon version. Maybe by the end of the year, but not getting my hopes up. I bet the One will get 4.3 before my LG G2 though.

wewewi says:

For once they pulled it before Samsung; nicely done, HTC!

suzank says:

Thanks for the tip AC-downloading now!(Rogers/TBayTel).

Petr Faitl says:

Add Virgin Mobile into the list. Just checked on my phone and the download is available.

Percy Lamb says:

I updated mine today and now I can't connect to the virgin mobile network. I have no coverage

fitted230 says:

4.3 on Canadian HTC Pne before Canadian S3 gets 4.2, how does this make sense.

NoNexus says:

That's easy. The s3 is a year old and Samsung said they are skipping 4.2

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jay_men says:

Samsung already made their money on the S3. No rush for them to get it up to date. Even the 2012 HTC One X users are in no better shape either.

av8ryxx says:

Just checked... It's LIVE on Bell in Canada as well!! GOTTA GO. TTYS!

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XavierMatt says:

Come on Tmo before my funeral please....

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JHK1984 says:

*Yawn* Been running it for weeks now with ARHD.

zero.efx says:

Insert (I hate US carrierhere) followed by (Get a Nexus here) proceeded by (non clever metaphor of how one's life will end soon or the apocalypse is upon us here). Patience is a virtue. Until then, drink some tea, have some pizza, save your money from buying a Nexus and go get a massage and calm down... Peace!

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Cubfan says:

Well played.

ArclightX says:

Mmmmm... Happy Endings Massage....

Knock knock samsung

Do we even have a 4.3 rom with the latest software update on sprint?

kylecordiano says:

I wonder when the us will get it? Kudos to HTC for doing 4.3 before Samsung started theirs.

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Sparty73 says:

For as much as the U.S. carriers are knocked when it comes to updates, I've gotta believe this one (no pun intended) goes live for all (maybe save Verizon) sometime in October. Knowing that HTC has it ready and fully functional with Canadian carrier approval means it should not be far off.

CarlGalgano says:

I have an unlocked, international HTC One running on ATT in the US and I am downloading the 4.3 update right now as well.

CarlGalgano says:

Interestingly enough, my update version is not the same as the screen shot above. Mine says 3.22.1540.1 (564.04 MB).

DanielDuBord says:

I'm in the US and have an unlocked HTC One (that I purchased from HTC's website). I received the 4.3 update several days ago via OTA.

CarlGalgano says:

Daniel, interesting. Did you go and check for it, or just get a notification it was available? I generally check once a day for an update, but have been pretty busy the past week and this is the first time Ive thought to check (after seeing this blog post).

screw2000 says:

Live on Bell too -- got the notification and downloaded this morning.

Version is slightly different (3.23.666.1), was 580.02 MB.

Trav Winter says:

Update done! (Telus HTC One)

I'm so happy that I'm finally out of the ugly THREE DOT MENU BUTTON on the bottom

and also finally using the Dashclock :D

XavierMatt says:

This. I want it for those two, quick toggles and Instagram on my blinkfeed.

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Connor Mason says:

I've been using it on my Nexus 7 and can't wait to have it for my One

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litig8or98 says:

Installing it now (Rogers). Finally it pays to be Canadian. And for those wondering why we got it early, it's because we're so damn friendly and polite. Try'll see.

krispy521 says:

It's because you don't have Obama making the rest of the world hate you like we do. They better hurry up and get us the update before Obama starts taxing cell phone updates to pay for his failed healthcare.

litig8or98 says:

After re-reading my comment, and on reflection, it almosts sounds like I'm suggesting Americans are unfriendly and rude. That was not my intention. I was poking fun at the stereotype we Canadians carry.

Oh it sounds like I'm suggesting Americans are overly sensitive...

jabwtv says:

I wonder when I will see the update on Sprint ?

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Ep3n3wp says:

What The..... I guess it don't pay to have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus....

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Phil73 says:

It will now allow us to choose our own music for Zoe videos. Also I've noticed that the night time camera mode sucks. Nothing is focusing, it's like a bad acid trip with the distortion. Anyone else have this issue?

teletraan1 says:

Just installed myself (Rogers). Noticing that the phone is slightly snappier.

ardnaszavi says:

Just got it on my rogers One :)

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vishal kamal says:

When these update available in india.

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