Like Sprint and AT&T before it, C Spire Wireless' HTC One is also getting the Android 4.3 treatment. A post on HTC's official blog confirms the update to version 2.04.563.3 for C Spire users, bringing with it a similar blend of new Sense features and the latest version of Google's OS.

We're still waiting on Android 4.3 for T-Mobile and Verizon HTC Ones, as well as European handsets.

Source: HTC; via: AndroidPolice


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C Spire HTC One also getting Android 4.3 update


Hopefully HTC is working on 4.4 now and release just like how they are doing with 4.3. 2-3 months is acceptable. good job HTC

Good job rolling out these updates Htc this is the way to win back customers trust.

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Mid October is not vague. Q4 is vague. By end of year is vague. Mid October is anytime between 13-17 in my book. Maybe 10-20 in theirs. Plus you can always use the 4.3 ROM. I hear it's almost flawless.

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I wonder how much carrier bloatware C Spire loads onto their phones. If it isn't much or any, that could explain the quick turnaround, since they could just tell HTC to push out their Android build as-is.

When can Galaxy 3 owners expect the upgrade thats been being talked about on every droid forum

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when might me and my evo lte brethren receive this update, something more specific than end of year would be nice though!