HTC One (M8) SIM tray

New HTC flagship uses smaller SIM standard

Today, after weeks of speculation and online leaks, the new HTC One — also known by its codename "M8" — is official. And in some parts of the world the device has gone on sale immediately on launch day. But if you're thinking of picking up HTC's latest aluminum-clad smartphone right off the bat, you may need to think about swapping out or resizing your current SIM card first, as the new HTC One uses a nanoSIM.

Most carriers can send you a new SIM in the mail, or switch you to a nanoSIM in-store.

NanoSIMs will be familiar to users of many of Apple's more recent iOS devices, as well as Motorola's Moto X. They're smaller than the microSIMs used by most current Android phones, meaning they take up less precious internal space in the device. In most cases your carrier will be able to send you a new nanoSIM to replace your current SIM — some will even do it in-store while you wait — though there may be a charge for this.

An alternative — though not one for the faint of heart — is to cut your larger SIM down to nanoSIM size. Our own Jerry Hildenbrand wrote a great guide to nanoSIM cutting back when the Moto X launched, and it's worth a look if you're considering this route for your new M8.

And remember that once you've switched (or sliced your way down to) a nanoSIM, you’ll need a SIM-card adapter if you ever need to size back up to a micro.

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Buying the new HTC One (M8)? You'll need a nanoSIM


Is there any specific advantages to different sim cards?

posting while eating gummybears in your girlfriends bedroom

Smaller size relates to less space needed in the phone. Which equals more internal space. Only way it relates to consumers is more flexibility for the manufacturers

When my wife got a moto x, I cut the micro sim down to nano size. It was extremely easy and took only a few minutes. As long as you measure carefully and follow instructions, you can do it.

I just used scissors and kept trimming a little off at a time until it fit in my phone. It looks terrible, but it works and I didn't follow any guides.

indeed. grab a decent pair of scissors and cut it down to look like the one that came with the phone. doesnt take but a sec and it is far from rocket science.

Thumb up. I don't know why wireless carriers charge you to get nanoSIM if even u can do it yourself by chop it.

Posted via HTC M7

Agreed, I have gotten multiple SIM cards from AT&T. I have never been charged for them or had any problems getting one. Just walk in and tell them what you need.

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And then back to no-sim, like what Verizon and Sprint used to do.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, K00949438Yd FRAMILY!

+1. Or at least a uniform size. My moto x takes a nano but my nexus 5 takes a micro. The adapter I bought works well! Toosy is the name I think.
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so if i go from my thunderbolt to the m8 (full price), will verizon give me a nano sim? or will I have to trim my current sim down?

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