HTC bootloader tool

HTC has continued updating their developer site bootloader unlock tool with new devices and this time around they've gone ahead and added:

If you have any of those devices, and are wishing to have the bootloader unlocked then you can hit up the HTCDev site below to get started. Not sure what your bootloader is or if you want it unlocked? Check out our Android A to Z covering what, exactly a bootloader is.

Source: HTCDev; via @HTCDev


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HTC unlocks bootloaders on Desire Z, ChaCha, Aria, DROID Incredible, Status, T-Mobile G2


If only they would allow S-Off with their unlock method. I've got an EVO 3D on Hboot 1.5 and I haven't rooted simply because I don't want to have to deal with all of the problems with custom ROMs. Even when I was on my Hero, I was on S-on, but I could flash kernels from recovery.

It's all I ask. Please.

I second this! I was rooted and HBoot 1.5 is a pain in the you know what. I relocked the phone and will wait and see what HTC does with ICS.

Dude... I kinda miss my Dinc. unrEVOked still won me over on android. I wish Motorola follows suit and prescience that HTC has set.

I bought a Droid Incredible about 2 months ago off Craigslist to have a device to play around with ROMs on after putting CM 7.1 on it, I've stopped using my Droid X. I love this little phone!

I still have my Dinc. My Bionic has not been nearly as fun. I was rooted but got rid of root since there were not any good roms at the time. Since then DroidTh3ory has come and gone and now i await CVPS with CyanogenMod which i hope someday will be released for the Bionic.

I have a personal hunch that Motorola Mobility is on the same track. Not only are they now owned by Google, but they recently released developer kits for about a dozen of their phones to be available for free right from the Android dev kit updater. I believe they are committed to developers, however their priorities are (for better or worse) not as simple as "unlock everything first"

I've retired my DInc and this still makes me happy to hear! it is still one of the best Android phones EVER! ^_^

Wow, if this is how HTC treats it's customers, PRAISE them. I feel like my next phone is going to be an HTC. I might even pick up the Rezound and ditch the Bionic.. I'm stunned that Moto treat's it's eventual product owners like this..

How does this make Moto look bad? They PROMISED customers that bootloaders would be unlocked by the end of 2011 right?

So what they are a few weeks late. I am sure they will keep their promise to customers.


I believe you are mistaken and that it is the Droid Incredible 2 (TWO), had me all excited to mess around with my girlfriend's phone too.

I just looked, the Droid Incredible 2 is also on the list of supported devices. The original Droid Incredible is just a bit further down the list.

So does this tool give you S-OFF or is it only halfway there? I've stopped tinkering with my Desire, but if there's an easy way to S-OFF (wasn't too comfortable with Revolutionary) I might give it a shot.

Neither. All you need to delete bloatware is for your device to be rooted.

Just a tip: If you have root though, it's better to freeze bloatware (using Titanium Backup Pro, or something similar) rather than delete them because it is easier to thaw the apps than restore from backups to get OTA updates if you keep your phone stock.

Hboot 1.5 isn't that hard to deal with. Just kick over into fastboot via adb and flash whatever you want. There is an app in the market that even lets you flash kernels from your device without adb. I have yet to try it, but I heard it works just fine.