HTC One in blue

Here's the first evidence that the elusive blue HTC One exists as more than just a press render. The shot above was taken by a Chinese factory worker and posted on the Sina Weibo social network, showing a slightly more vivid shade of blue than witnessed in recently-leaked promotional images. Besides that, it's an HTC One in blue — same design as the silver, black and red versions.

There's no indication as to when the blue HTC One might make its way out onto the market. But as devices already seem to be rolling off the production line, hopefully buyers seeking a more colorful version of HTC's flagship won't have too long to wait.

Source: Sina Weibo; via: Engadget


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Blue HTC One casing spied in factory photo


The black One isn't happening for Verizon. You may be in luck with the blue if you like shopping at a certain big big retailer.

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But do the colors make the One any better of an HTC phone than other pieces of junk they have made like the Rezound (ADR6425) on Verizon? I've handled the One in a store, and it seems solid. Blink Feed is pretty cool, but I need a cell phone that works consistently without crashing or locking up.

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How many complaints have you heard about the One crashing or locking up? The One isn't nor ever will be the rezound.

I know the render shows Android...but I was wondering if this isn't for their rumored WP8 HTC One variant using the blue to denote the WP8 line. (Similar to what Samsung as done with their ATIV S Neo.)

It's just a thought, and yes, I know its sacrilege to even mention WP8.

I find what HTC is doing to the One is impressive. They have been able to keep the flagship current and fresh throughout the year by releasing and teasing new colours.

Looking forward to a phone made of titanium: lighter and stronger than aluminum.

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