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Blood Bowl, which puts a violent, and highly satirical, fantasy spin on American football, has made its way to Android tablets for the first time after being released first as a board game and later as a console and PC title.

Blood Bowl is a spin off of the long running Warhammer franchise by Games Workshop. The Android tablet version, published by Focus Home Interactive, allows users to access up to six different fantasy races (Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Skaven, Wood Elves and Chaos), which serve as the teams for Blood Bowl. Each race has their own special abilities to help them get the ball down the field to make touchdowns.

The game offers a single player mode, and there's also online and hotseat multiplayer where teams can compete in a huge Blood Bowl league. There's even cross-platform support with the previously released PC version and the one launched today for the iPad. Just a reminder: the game cannot be played on Android smartphones.

While the base game costs $4.99, it only has the Human and Orc races. The other four races are available to access via in-game purchases. What do you think of Blood Bowl making the jump to tablets?


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Blood Bowl game scores points with its Android tablet launch


I played this game a ton with my son when he was little. I am going to have to check this out and see how it hold up to my memories of playing with The Boy.

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Edit. Just seen it says only for tablets. Does anyone no if this will be released for phones?

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Exactly! Lame a lot of Devs are doing this.. Just do all in one purchase or free

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It's no different than physical board games that have expansions. The original BB had just humans and orcs. You get that for $4.99, which is cheap for this kind of game.