Big Android BBQ 2014

The Big Android BBQ is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and tickets for the 2014 edition of the event are now on sale. One of the best meet-up events for Android enthusiasts is taking place at the same location in the Dallas metro area October 16-18, bringing together like-minded Android folks for a few days of checking out new devices, keynote sessions and of course delicious barbecue.

To entice potential attendees, tickets across the board have been dropped by $20 until May 22nd. That means you can get in at the lowest General Admission level for just $55 — not a bad deal considering all there is to do over three days at the BBQ. If you decide to bump up to any higher level — Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean or KitKat, of course — you'll also receive a commemorative shot glass etched with the level that you signed up for.

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Mychaiel says:

I live right by Hurst... I've never been to any of the Big Android BBQ's... Would Love to go!

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jbaker46 says:

So this thing isn't vegetarian friendly?

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cowboys2000 says:

Texas and BBQ.. brisket baby

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mwara244 says:

I hear it's a "Sausage Fest"

It's definitely a BYOD

Ewwww Dallas. No thanks!

TheDu9du says:

Not going and haven't been, but y'all may want to do it free for girls. It's likely to be a sausage fest as it is.

thatguy97 says:

Come to the honeycomb hideout

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