Swing Copters for Android

Summer is winding down, but the Android games sure aren't. August saw a ton of really great Android games come to the Google Play Store, including the latest from the creator of Flappy Bird. We've got a few extremely twitchy Android games, and a few for the more casual gamers.

Good to go? Dig in for our top five Android games to hit the Google Play Store in August.


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The best new Android games of August 2014


Is is there a game like minecraft pe that supports online multiplayer and is for android?

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Just like Minecraft PE, Terraria let you do multi-player without coercing you to join a social network. However, it might be too much like Minecraft, if you are looking for something different.
I wish there were more multi-player games like Minecraft and Terraria. Kids enjoy playing against each other a lot, but social networks are not for kids. Only a stupid person and/or an desperate company would merge kid gaming with social networking. Why not just copy what the experts like Nintendo did?

I don't have the time to play minecraft being an adult, but love looking over what people have built, almost like going to a lego showing. Minecraft is great for people to open and express their creativity.

Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion is temporarily 99c (usually $10) on the play store. That gets my shout out. It's kind of a side-scroller 3D platformer in the vein of Mario64. It's wonderful, charming, and the graphics are stellar.