HTC Flyer

Update: Yeah, not so much.

Earlier this week we saw the price of the HTC Flyer (read our review) get dropped from $499 down to $299 at Best Buy -- a pretty sweet deal. But they have one upped themselves, dropping the price yet again, after only 5 days, to just $99. No, you are not dreaming, I just said $99. Insanity. So, if you have been looking for a great Android tablet that didn't break your bank, act quick. Odds are this deal will sell these puppies out pretty quickly.

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Best Buy slashes the HTC Flyer pricing again, now just $99


tempting at $99 - that's a bar tab on a light night - but i just don't need a tablet. EVO 4G and 10" Win7 Netbook does the job.

i almost wish i could justify the purchase - but i can't. it would collect dust.

If I grab one of these from best buy, what version of the OS can it be officially upgraded to? (no roms or hacks please)

And, does Google chat support video on this device?


At $99 I would pick it up to play with, especially since I've got like $70 in best buy gift cards. They aren't letter me order for store pickup though despite it being is stock at the local best buy. I'm not going to run out of work to buy it. Maybe if they still have some at the end of the day though.

nice catch.

mispriced last night? you'd think they'd have corrected the site by now. sheesh.

Ahhhh I do work at bestbuy and I'm glad I know! Ha. You can get the difference you paid btw. Quick return exchange.

Not worth it. Still willing to pay $199 for Amazon's offering. I already have Sense in my phone. I don't need to "clown size" it.

You're insane. The Fire has no SD card slot, so it has 8GB of memory versus 48GB in a Flyer with a chip. Even the Nook Color can jump to 40GB and is just like the Fire with the severely-limited Google App Store. Again, the Flyer has 48GB of memory, 1GB of RAM, FULL Android Market, kickass ereader software built in, FULL (and did I mention FAST) Internet without any lag, (I owned a Nook Color and it was slow) better sound, and all the stuff the Evo has with a bigger screen, plus a better version of Sense. When coupled with GO Launcher, it can fit 25 icons on a screen! Menu/Preferences/App Drawer Settings/Grid Size.

Enjoy your Fire.

It's a meh device at best. Say what you will but a 1.5 Ghz Cortex A8 based unit with a gig of RAM and running Gingerbread is at best a novelty. Especially with the impending release of quad core tablets which will inevitably drive down the price of the dual core varieties just in time for the holiday shopping season. Don't be surprised if you start seeing Acer Iconia and similiar dual core ilk hit the $199 range within the next couple of months. Save your money, spend the extra $100 and get a solid Tegra 2 honeycomb tablet when the time is right.

So they accidentally applied the $200 discount to what they already took $200 off? Don't suppose we can hold out for -$101...

I notice they also have the pen on sale for $39, though I think not including it with every Flyer was a huge mistake, its part of what defines the tablet...

that makes me so mad... Drove all the way there and even called consumer relations. You think that a store of that magnitude would have fixed something like that. No way would it have sold out at 300 bucks.. Next week it will be 100 bucks, guarantee it..

If it is, I'll get back 2 bills next week :) It's still worth $299.00. It's only $50.00 more than the Nook Color, and doubles as a fully functioning tablet without rooting/flashing/screwing-it-up like you have to do with the Nook Color to get it to work as a tab. I root EVERYTHING I own if it can be rooted, but rooting the Nook Color and then having to return to stock every time something goes haywire wasn't worth it to me. I sold my NC and bought a Flyer last Saturday and I'm loving it!

I called 2 different Best Buys locally that still have it in stock and they are telling me that they are incorrectly priced and that they are $299 and that they "Can Not" sell them at $99. So that is a load of Crap.. I asked why their web site still says it's $99 they have no clue!!

You would think the idiots would put a note on the front page of their website apologizing for the screw up!! Talk about your bait and switch tactics..

I went in a few days ago and bought a Laptop for $329 that I found out that their "Geek Squad" decided to customize before you even purchase it. So they wanted to add $100 to the price. It's not advertised that they already messed with the device before you even walk out the door. I made them find me one that was untouched. I'll strip all the Bloatware off it myself.. Including their Stupid BestBuy App.. Starting to not like their tactics they are pulling..