HTC One M7 and HTC One M8

If you aren't quite ready to dish out the funds for a new HTC One M8, Best Buy is offering up the HTC One M7 for just $1 today and tomorrow. That means you can grab one on contract with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon at a huge discount. The offer stands for all colors of the One including black, red, silver and blue. Not such a bad price if you're looking to get what's still an awesome device on the cheap.

If you're a Verizon user you can actually pick up an M8 for $149 — $50 off the retail price. The AT&T and Sprint models are still $199 across the board however.

Update: Sprint users can snag the M8 for the same $50 discount on Amazon.

Head over to Best Buy for more info or to purchase an HTC One


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Best Buy selling last year's HTC One for $1, new Verizon One M8 $50 off


Considering the old One is still good enough for another 2 years. This is a good deal.

But then again I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon suddenly sells the M8 for $1 on contract next week to counter Best Buy.

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Hopefully no one falls for the $1 deal for a last year model with two year contract.

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They are charging to much for the M7

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I saw that

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Probably not...the off is because they can screw you for 2 years.

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Also, if you upgrade to a Framily plan on Sprint, Best Buy will ALSO give you a $100 gift card which can also be used in the purchase of your new M8. This means $150 off potentially.

BTW, the $50 mentioned in the article is for AT&T only, however, Best Buy offers a $50 Gift Card when you upgrade as well for ANY carrier, see link.

This means, that M8 from AT&T would be about $100 off and from Sprint, $150 as I mention above or $50 if you don't want a Framily plan.

The HTC One, an awesome phone, can hardly be considered last year's crap. I'd buy it over a Samsung any day.

Not that great considering you get two free new HTC Ones (m8) at the Verizon store. By one for $199 get one free plus then you get two $100 credits (one for each line) = 2 free current model HTC Ones.
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I'm selling my m7 back to htc for $125 since I bought an m8 :-)

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I might consider the Google Play Edition M8 if it was 1cm shorter, have an 8mp camera and $100 less.
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This says 2 year extension - doesn't that mean 1) it's not tied to your current upgrade eligibility and 2) you don't have to be upgrade eligible to partake?

You want to talk old - they still are selling the S3 MINI on the Verizon site for Free - right next to the S4 Mini for free and with the LG G2 going on sale periodically for $49 it is the most future proof of the bunch.

I bought the M7 last year, I'm still happy with it, and I don't need to upgrade. Bring on 2015.

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My thoughts as well. The M7 is the best smartphone I ever had and made me a true Android fan. I am eligible for my upgrade next year and there is no telling what type of amazing phone HTC will have released by then.

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