HTC Desire Z on Bell

The HTC Desire Z is on its way to Bell, bringing another high-end Android phone to the Canadian market. 

The often dubbed 'global G2' will be hitting stores later this year, no word yet on an official release date. According to the screenshot, the device will cost $499.99 off-contract, which is very reasonable for a phone with these specs. 

So keep an eye out, Canadian customers, the Desire Z is on its way! [Mobile Syrup]

There are 5 comments

rb6teen says:

Desire HD pls!!!!!!!!

RacecarBMW says:

Droid x pls!!!!!!!!!!!

peterfares says:

YES! I'm going to import this for use on AT&T.

jj1814 says:

So 3G will still work? If so I may do the same!

Dropp says:

I dont blame you one bit. Im looking do the same. Ive been wanting a android device with a hardware keyboard.