Persistent notification now optional in latest beta build.

It has been a long and shaky road for BBM's released on Android, but there may be a little more hope now as beta testers of the app have just received a new version to try out. Members of the beta testing group report that the updated version of BBM has a new welcome screen explaining functions, as well as an overall refreshed UI that has several improvements.

That nagging persistent notification can now be turned off in the settings as well, which alone is worthy of applause. Naturally the release of a new beta doesn't indicate that an official launch (no, for real this time) is imminent, but it at least indicates that the wheels are turning over at BlackBerry.

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BBM for Android returns to beta with new features, improved interface


Some of the most popular articles android central has had in a long time (contests aside). Same over at imore, both seeing huge spikes.

So definitely a lot of interest, good or bad is still good.

Meaning it will be ready probably when they announce 4.4?

All togheter now : MEH

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Potential new owners of the company shaking things up it seems. Just wait till its ready and do it right.

BlackBerry isn't sold yet, so whatever is going on has nothing to do with any "potential new owners".

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Considering they had enough influence to manipulate the stock price down so it came within there purchase offer. I think BBM is well within possibility.

you really don't understand basic economic theory and it's impact on the stock market at all, do you?

Blackberry released there quarterly report unannounced ahead of schedule. Reporting 1 billion in losses. Stock took a big hit obviously. And once it dropped to 8$ they announced it was being sold for 9$ a share.

Not a coincidence in my, legal white collar crimes. Prem Watsa has been on the board forever.

Good lord, make it stop!

I get it, it's a good idea. I also get that there are many apps like it. I would understand the hoopla if it was the first of it's kind. Like... iOS 7 status bar notifications... :/

I just want it already. I'm back using kik for now.

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This seems to give credit to the " it wasn't ready so let's use a leak as an excuse" theory

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Because BBM is a messenger where you can control your contacts by the way of accepting and denying requests, you can track recent updates of your contacts, ping feature, barcode facility, inbuilt call feature, sorted UI, limited but useful smileys...
Yeah right,Nothing much to get one excited.

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I can do most of that with my phone..

Watch this.

When I don't want to accept a contact I don't give them my number when I do I give it to them.

Even has built in calling capabilities and when I need updates to track for my contacts I call them and ask them what's new.

My keyboard has the only emojis the world cares about and that's ios6

The excitement over this app is pointless to me. Its like getting excited over AIM

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*yawn* I hate whatsapp because ANYONE who has my number can message me. Just because I give my number to clients and potential clients doesn't mean I want them to see when I was last online, or be able to instant message me expecting me to write them about work over a messaging app. That's why BBM for me will be a good choice.

Except they have to have BBM too. I'm not going to tell my clients to install BBM (or any other messaging client) so they can communicate with me. I'm going to text them or vice versa.

I bet that when it is first released, everyone is gonna play with it, but give it a couple weeks or so and the number of people that use it will drop off drastically. And even more so when they start charging to use it.

You don't. Only a small group of Employees and family and friends of employees are beta testing.

I have noticed that on the version number 71 at the bottom it says "this should be classed as an external release candidate" that means to be me they can release this version now. Much like Microsoft do with rc's for Windows.

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Maybe they should beta test with a group OTHER than employees and family. Come on! This could have all been avoided the first time if they had a group of good Beta Testers that knew Android!

Wow those millions of people that had the leaked version really screwed everything up.

Took the servers down, screwed the UI all up.

It must have been one hell of a beta leak

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it took them this whole ordeal of leaked this and failed launch...for them to remove the notification. they should have known that in the first place..that's how dumb bb are.

LOL, good old Blackberry. They went from "this is being released Sept 20th! to "back to beta boys!!!" What a joke.

Not sure what all the 'hate' is about. For those of us that had a BB for a long time understand the efficient messaging that BBM brings. I still care about this release.

I'm still moderately interested in BBM, but this failed launch really undermines my confidence in the company, if I had any left, that is.

First they said that the problem was that the leaked version overwhelmed their servers, and they needed to reconfigure them to deny that version access. I get that. But now we're back to a beta release, which indicates to me that the version that would've been released wasn't ready, assuming they were about to release it at all. And the utter lack of information from the company is also disheartening. I can forgive them for having problems, but just tell us something...anything.

This proves the app was never ready...then instead of saying so, they lied and blame the leaked version they release. Company is a will soon be over.

Now the Beta can be tested, and than we will get a release date somewhere in 2014.. -__-

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Well the delay and these changes suggest that it wasn't a faulty pre-final app that caused Blackberry to stop the rollout but that the app they created was buggy and not ready to be released.

So bad that Blackberry that is already in trouble due to low public confidence pulls a stunt like this. I've never used BBM so was a bit excited to give it a try now even if they release the app I'll wait and see what people have to say about it before I use it. You never know it might have bugs that makes me device unstable coz I wouldn't put it past them.

I think BlackBerry is regrouping and now going to concentrate on BBM and their network. The digital devices they were producing just weren't selling so now it is time to save the of only 2 things of any value. BlackBerry + BYOD might actually save what left of this company.

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I am so excited about the imminent announcement of the Nexus 5 and learning more about KitKat!

Oh, did someone say something about BBM for Android? Yawn

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Can't wait for it to be out just so I don't have to read all the Android fanboi hate comments. You guys should never want a company to "die" Competition fuels innovation and the consumer wins in the end. I want as many players in the industry as possible. Also I am looking forward to using bbm for android. If it's anything like on bb it will be the best messaging app in google play.

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The reality is that Blackberry wasn't ready for launch. Just another failed launch by failed company...


As much as I love all my gadgets, Motorola Atrix HD and Google Nexus 7, I admit to being a technology moron. What exactly is BBM and why would I want it on my Android device?

I got rid of my old BlackBerry in favor of an Android for a reason. I didn't even use BBM when I did have a BlackBerry.