Bank Of America

If you're an Android tablet owner, you'll likely have noticed that most banking apps out there haven't really been optimized for tablet usage. Looking to change that is Bank Of America, which has introduced a tablet-optimized version of its mobile banking application.


  • Pay bills and transfer funds.
  • Review account balances.
  • Find ATM and banking center locations using GPS, with no address input required.

While the features are what you would expect from a mobile banking application, the layout is what really takes the cake here. The design of the app looks great and offers a way better viewing experience for those who are on the go but still need access to their financial info. Keep in mind, you will have to be subscribed to online banking in order for it all to work. You'll find the download beyond the break.


Reader comments

Bank of America introduces new tablet optimized app for Android


thanks boa.. i uninstalled the app from my tablet cause the layout bothered me.. guess I'll reinstall.. now if we can get the twitter, facebook, and g+ apps updated to a tablet layout

The hyper link needs to be changed to play store. You guys are behind the times. Android market is like, so 2 hours ago!

Still no quick deposit. What a fucking waste of an app. Every other bank it seems has quick deposit. Bank of America just can't seem to catch up no mater how hard they try. This banking app would be perfect if they could just get there shit together.

I just use the BOA website. Not sure why I need an "app" to bank with.... but I don't bank a lot anyway :)

Good job BofA. Now let's get with it Geico, progressive and direct TV along with BCBS. Oh yeah, how's that new Android Central app coming? If its half as good as TED this may be the year for Android Tablets.

this is useless without shop safe.

shopsafe via the website has been unusable since it doesn't trigger the mobile keyboard to pop up in flash. works in webos but not in android.

^^^ This, this, 100x this!

I am able to get Shopsafe to work in the mobile browser on my Xoom wifi with ICS when I finally get to the real site instead of the lousy stripped-down mobile site. I can long press the ShopSafe link and tell it to use a new tab, and it seems to work for me. But I don't like having to launch the browser when I should be able to do this with the app!

How about fully adopting the ShopSafe system instead of treating it like a redheaded step child, BofA? The server names even still have "MBNA" in them. If you have an issue and call in, they don't know how to support it and have to send you somewhere else. Forget about email ("secure message") support for ShopSafe too - no clue. It is an awesome feature I use all the time (and wouldn't even have a BofA credit card if ShopSafe wasn't available), but it seems they don't care about it.

I'm still really uncomfortable using my smartphone for any financial stuff even though I highly restrict installed apps. At least with my computer, I can set up a layered defense (defense in depth) and also hardwire to my network when accessing sensitive websites to minimize the potential for wireless data sniffing (even though my home Wi-Fi is secured with WPA2, still not comfortable using it for sensitive stuff). Or may be I need to adjust my tinfoil hat a bit! ;)