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While some folks swoon over HTC Sense, there is a good amount of people out there who just simply do not like it. This is yet another one of those great things about the Android platform -- if you don't like something, chances are someone will make a build of it that you will like. Such is the case for the HTC Thunderbolt this time around.

Das BAMF being one of the most popular ROMs for the Thunderbolt has now been stripped of most of its HTC Sense components and we're left with BAMF GingerBolt Sense 3.0 stripped that makes use of the MR2.5 Gingerbread radio and other nice things such as the Das Bamf Toolkit. The developer behind this, TMZ_Andrew, has posted the nitty gritty details in the Android Central forums so if you're looking to go senseless on your Thunderbolt you'll certainly want to check it out and be sure to leave some feedback -- it is a beta though so keep that in mind.

BAMF GingerBolt Sense 3.0 in the Android Central Forums


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BAMF GingerBolt Sense 3.0 stripped ROM for the HTC Thunderbolt [From the Forums]


Got my EVO 3d yesterday. The only thing I like about Sense is the lockscreen (it is damn sweet). I just installed adw launcher, made it default and that disabled everything else Sense related. The built in adw in Cyanogenmod was one of my favorite parts of the rom on my EVO.

I don't see why it's such a major problem to have sense. I could replace the lockscreen too and be completely rid of it. Based on my "running" services, what Sense I do have enabled is only consuming 3.2mb of ram.

Now, if they would just unlock the bootloader, there is a few other items running that I'd like to uninstall.

Um... all you've ditched is the Sense launcher. Every single app on your phone is still a Sense app, except the few Google apps of course (Market, Gmail, Maps, Talk). Plus the notification drawer, lock screen, and theming throughout is Sense as well. The only way to get rid of Sense is to install a completely different ROM that is AOSP based.

I've hated sense since Wm its the most intrusive homescreen ui ever. It makes motor blur look like stock android. And just like moto HTC forces it upon all their users.

I quite like Sense... if you want a stock UI you can simply get another launcher or you know, a non-HTC phone. HTC doesn't force you to buy their phones, so don't complain about your own choice.

And the great thing about Android, like previously stated, is that you can just flash a non-Sense rom and bam, no more sense.

How is a user to know what the HTC UI does until they use it? It is not a choice when the software is preloaded and locked by HTC (and all phones have problems).
I find some of the UI and preloaded software a waste of space and never use it. It would be great to have the ability to remove this stuff from stock.
Installing a ROM and customising a phone is beyond the commitment, interest or capabilities of most users, voids the warranty and risks making the phone unusable.

I don't get the title of this ROM at all. If the ROM is stripped then it's not Sense 3.0. It is a stripped sense GB ROM with the Sense 3.0 lockscreen ring. But to each his own I guess.

Agreed. Great article. No explanation of what exactly is Sense 3.0 about a stripped ROM, or why there is a new bamf stripped rom based on... a stripped bamf rom.


Actually the wording in the article is also humorous, as it tries to make it sound like more people dislike Sense than like it, when the reality is the opposite.