HTC One Duo Camera

Tap a sleeping HTC One twice to wake it, as well, it seems

Update: Since we published this article, more M8 details have leaked out, including fresh info on the device's hardware specs and software features.

A new leak out of Australia sheds more light on the upcoming version of the HTC One. (Aka the M8.)

First up, a 5-inch display appears to be confirmed. And the new version of Sense is bumped to Sense 6.0 — and will include an LG-like "Knock On" feature wherein you can double-tap the screen to turn the phone on, which should be a great feature given that the power button appears to still be at the top of the phone. Plus, you get the excellent BoomSound unsurprisingly returns in those front-facing speakers.

But the real gem here is the explainer of the two cameras — or Duo Camera.

The info sheet from Australian carrier Telstra reads:

Duo Camera

Create vivid images even in low light and professionally edit memories after you've taken the shot. Choose where to focus, highligh what you love, soften backgrounds and add 3D effects.

Plus we get some Aussie pricing — $840 outright, or $92 a month (if my early morning math is right).

Source: GSM Arena


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Aussie leak explains HTC One's new 'Duo Camera,' outs Sense 6.0


If this phone came out in a mini with the same specs I'd buy it twice right now

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I agree. I have small hands (Don'tJudgeMe) and I think even the 4.7 inch phones are a little too big for me to use single handedly.
I would LOVE this phone in a 4.3 to 4.5 size. (but more the 4.3)
it could be slightly thicker (for better battery life) and it would be AWESOME!

I have the Moto X and I love the size but would still love a 4.5" phone

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If this phone came in a Max version I'd buy it. It would need to have the same build quality as the original though. But then again LG did make the Nexus 4 and 5. (LG OPTIMUS G and LG G2)

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...

Your signature is stupid. The note 3 runs circles around your G2. And the sd card can be used to save items just not directly until they fix it. If not then oh well I'm just fine because I am tech savvy.

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They're two different devices for two different purposes, though.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Really circles I've never seen that before. The G2 is a beast of a phone you can like your Note 3 that's fine but running circles around the G2 i think not.

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Ditto. My current HTC One is big enough. In my opinion, a 4.3 inch screen size gives you the best of both worlds--compact enough to easily carry, and large enough to comfortably view media on it.

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I just hope all the now leaking marketing documents mean an almost instant launch.

If HTC is ready to sell handsets AND Sammy has some recovery time from their plant issue, it could mean HTC turns things around.

I hope they are leaking all this for free advertising. They need to start saving money somewhere. If this comes to VZW and the GPE I'd buy one just so they don't go away.

But I heard a Rumor The Nexus 5 Might make a Late appearance at Verizon in a month or two right after S5 and New One are already out

Yeah but nobody posted 12min videos of a pre-release review for the nexus 5

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Htc One M8 won't sell just like the Htc One in 2013.

(Plain and simple NOTHING beats SAMSUNG or TMOBILE PERIOD Posted from my 4.3 Jellybean Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App)

I see you've been using "Joker" brand products, based on that persistent grin of yours.
Posted via Android Central App

Nah..he'd probably turn himself into a human Twinkie by letting Samsung give him a creampie.

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Lol, that's just terrible.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Tmo sucks, and has the worst coverage, I know for a fact traveling and being on them for 6 years. If you leave a major highway in the middle of no where you lose all signal to the phone by half a mile from leaving the HWY. If you go onto state HWY's there is no signal. T-mo is only good if you live in a populous area and never leave or travel.

Hallelujah! I thought about switching from Sprint, but at least with them I get coverage everywhere. Not super-fast, I know. But in the middle of the Mohave desert, or that stretch of I-10 between Palm Springs and Phoenix and I-8 between San Diego and Tucson, I need consistent voice coverage and T-Mo can't give it to me. Even near my house: a friend of mine lost his father last year. He lives 10 miles from me. I live 1/4 mile from the I-15/215 split in SoCal. Lots of people out here. 500,000-600,000 just in my little area. He never received any of the calls from his family over the weekend his father passed. He had a dozen messages on a Monday morning when we met up @ Starbucks for coffee like we normally do. The guy was devastated. It was literally heartbreaking. A similar thing happened shortly after that when his mother feel extremely ill. She passed a week later, but I feared he might have killed himself if he couldn't have said goodbye to her as well.

I live in Phoenix and when I went to San Diego, my Verizon phone could not even stream Google music in certain sections. And the last time I went to Las Vegas ( Rt. 60 to I 40) it was the same thing with Verizon. My buddy with sprint was even worse off, I could make calls at least (verizon)and he had nothing. Now I have T-Mobile and it is not good in those areas but nothing is very good there.

I know, right? I usually do OK, with a few exceptions between Indio and the state line. There is also a 5 or 6 mile stretch, from around mile marker 5 to mile marker 11, as soon as you get in Arizona where I have no signal at all. Going on I-8 is an absolute nightmare, though.

Nope. I left big blue due to their fake unlimited data plans that are a third higher than T-Mobile's true unlimited plan plus hot spot that I don't get charged extra for. If you think tmobile isn't winning right now you are in denial. At&t customers can thank T-Mobile for them dropping prices because they stole a huge chunk of customer base with their etf fee promo.
Posted via Android Central App

Ma bell has the lowest cancel rate in the biz and is #1 in customer satisfaction says JD Power, the chunk they stole was not "huge". I work for At&t and guess how many customers have brought up the Tmo etf promo? Not a single one. I'm sure the only people who used it were planning on switching anyways or coming from Sprint. And T-Mobile customers can thank At&t for the $7 billion penalty they paid for the failed buyout, allowing this whole uncarrier thing and etf promo to happen in the first place.

Your argument is invalid. You work for At&t? You are my sworn enemy then. Rolls eyes. *Loser*

Posted via Android Central App

Just left Big Red for MAGNIFICANT MAGENTA. Sooooooooooo happy. I'm like a T-Mobile billboard now. My data speeds are flying.. only not had a signal once.. in the montains. I live in the city, so maybe it doesn't affect me like other people

"I live in the city, so maybe it doesn't affect me like other people"

This line says it all and is the reason T-mobile is not number one for a lot of people. It isn't just the living part though. It is the commuting that is another big issue. Basically you need to live your entire existence inside the city.

The 2013 HTC One "didn't sell"? Sure it may not have broke 20 million, but to say it "didn't sell" at all? Someone's been going hard on that Samsung Kool-Aid... What a joke.

I think the point was the one did not turn HTC fortunes around so it doesn't matter if they sell only 1 or 1 million devices, the end result must mean the company is recovering otherwise it doesn't matter.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

He's getting post by Sammy to attack HTC, didn't they get booked for that lousy tactic and seems like they still at it. #noshame

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I just can't wait for this idiot to jump ship from Samsung and start spewing crap about how that phone is the latest and the greatest. He used to be like this with HTC... Friggin idiot!
Nexus 5...enough said

Finally somebody remembers that! As I recall, according to him, the Evo 3D was going to rule all other phones. He always makes it sound like this is Lord of the Rings when in reality, it's electronic devices. Give him a year and some other company will be the "Be all, end all" and anything else is crap. There's nothing wrong with being happy with your purchase, but guys like him scare me, seriously.

I use an Evo 3D on virgin mobile. I have used the 3D option less than 5 times in the passed 12 months, and usually by accident. I only bought the phone because I got it on clearance less than $100.00 new.

Tremendous! The only thing we've yet to learn from all these leaks is the actual Megapixel count of it's new Ultrapixel system... really hope it's at least 8 Megapixels.

yeah i think right now its more on the design hate. like how the Sammy phone looks like a band-aid and it stops some of them from buying/upgrading cause its not worth it. I think its the overall look of the phone itself (specs, design and durability) which determines the success of it.

I'm fine with the side bezels and obviously they need room for the speakers at the top/bottom of the screen. I'd prefer the bezels between the screen and the top/bottom speakers to be smaller, but possibly they just need the space. If it's a metal back, they may have one of the antennas where the HTC logo is?

That's what the small polycarbonate stripes are for around back. My guess is that they decided on a 5" screen and decided on the dimensions of the device based on the component requirements. What are they going to do with that extra 2mm at the bottom of the screen area? If they kept the bottom bezel the same width as the sides and top they would have to make the speaker grille are larger. Then people would be complaining about that and saying things like "they should have just made it black and smooth like the screen so the grilles have better symmetry. It looks stupid. HTC sucks."

If you had to pick one or the other, this was the way to do it. And who knows - maybe there is some functionality there.

Sure, but it _would_ look so much nicer if they were able to make it a little shorter and cut out the section with the HTC logo so that the bottom matched the top, or at least reduce it in size so it's only just tall enough for the HTC logo. If the size is related to the internal components (as in my original post where I said maybe they just needed the space), I'm not sure what they could have done to improve the appearance. Then again, I'm not a phone case designer :)

Maybe so, but I still would want to know all accurate measurements before attacking them on the subject.

I heard the power button was moved to the right side. Please tell me they didn't get rid of the IR blaster!

Posted via Android Central App

From leaked images, it looks like the entire top is covered in dark colored plastic for a larger IR blaster.

I think that top portion being plastic is to help with better antenna performance. I am assuming that it will have the ir blaster built in to the power button like the current one.

All the leaked pics and videos have the power button on the top, usb/headphones on the bottom, SIM on the left, and SD slot/volume rockers on the right. Can't tell whether there's IR yet, and the leaked videos have been almost entirely useless for anything.

The power button on the top is a HORRIBLE idea. Why they didn't change this I don't understand

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Pleasee add that tap to wake feature to current htc onee #hoping

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Let's hope HTC is serious about 2 year support. Sense 6.0 with the return of a lockscreen wallpaper and knock knock would almost prevent me from buying the new one.

Hope they are more serious about then they were with the EVO. As soon as the Evo 3D came out, they dropped support for widgets and other things. The phone got slower, too.

This reminds me of the Evo 3D because instead of improving the camera they added a second one. HTC has always had an issue with follow ups to popular and successful phones. It LOOKS like they actually upgraded this phone significantly. Hope this changes their trend.

I do not understand why some people dislike a power button on top. It is so much easier to use this way. When you grab a phone with your right hand, your thumb is on the left side and you place 3 fingers on the right side, then your index finger easily ends up on the top right of the phone. Why do you think Apple has done it this way the whole time? Because it is the perfect spot. I hate a power button on the side of the phone, my Nexus 5 included.
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When you have smaller hands, you don't like the awkward reach for the top power button. It's one reason I hear women cite for choosing a Samsung. That front home button is enticing.

But, I also know 3 ladies at the office who went with the G2 specifically for the knock knock feature. Turning on your phone shouldn't give you carpal tunnel.

A power button on top is awkward and uncomfortable to reach. What about left handed people? People with smaller hands? If you have large hands it isn't a problem but I personally never liked when my phone had the power button up top. Always had to slightly shift my hand up and down the phone to access power button then continue normal phone use.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm left handed and I find it very easy to use the top power button with one hand. My index finger just reaches straight up and tap. I also have the volume wake mod but I find it akward because it's probably better suited for right handed people that can easily wake it with their thumb.

Power button on top is stupid, I didn't think so until I bought a Moto X.

Posted via Android Central App

They can stick the button on the back like the G2 for all I care as long as it has the double tap 2 wake feature it dosn't matter .

Posted via Android Central App

Actually the $10 payment is optional. Telstra have a new deal where you pay an extra $10 per month and after 12 months if you return the phone in good condition you can upgrade to a new handset.

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They need something to define this One from the previous One. People already assosiate m8 with this handset

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If you install a second camera sensor(for better focus and low light), you are pretty much obligated to bring 3D back.

I would assume that its more of a 3d effect than actual 3d as in better depth of field when taking and editing photos.

You can refocus shots. Go to and mess with the pics they put on thier site. It's pretty cool.

Posted via Android Central App

Lytro is exactly what came to my mind when I read that, though as awesome as that would be, I'm not sure they've got the room for the hardware that may require. That thing is 3 or 4 inches long, and starts at $300. Maybe it'll be similar, just not as dramatic? Here's to hoping though!

There are a couple ways to do the same thing. Using 2 cameras at different focal lengths is another way. I'm gonna assume the heart rate camera on the gs5 is doing the the same thing.

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$840 to buy outright is daylight robbery!

As I recall, the OG HTC One retailed at $699 when it first came out in Oz - it has since dropped to $550.

Telstra aren't exactly known for value when it comes to plans or buying outright (I think their outright phones are still branded too)

Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)

I've never heard of or used this doubletap feature, but it doesn't sound enticing to me. Sounds like it would be too easy to accidentally turn on. No?

I prefer slide to wake over double tap to wake on my N5. You can definitely turn it on in your pocket with DT2W, not so with S2W. On the N5 it uses about 2-3% per hour since the digitizer must be powered, but I can deactivate it with the power button when I'm not going to find it useful, and then turn it on the next time by swiping right to left on the softkey or letting the screen time out. Very cool feature of LaboDJ's linaro version of Franco kernel. Much better and more efficient than that Touch Control app. Highly recommend for Nexus users.

Use for a while and you'll never want another device without it. I can't imagine going backwards and using a button to turn my phone on and off. Actually, I can imagine as my N7 doesn't have it. I do however, have Nova set to allow double tap to turn screen off though.

There is an app for your N7 to have that feature. But you'll use the knock on feature a couple times and so because it hardly works

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You know in all of these leaks, I haven't heard anything really concrete on the battery. Has there been consensus size reported?

I've heard that as well, but I've also seen people link to battery reports that are actually for the new CM phone, the OnePlus.

5" screen, SD slot, boomsound. I may seriously have to consider this over another Samsung phone. I liked the way the 2013 One felt in my hand, screen was just to small.
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My cousin pooky told me 3200 mAh.I can't quote source..:-D

Posted via my Note 3 rockin Kit Kat 4.4.2

I'm seriously considering trading Note 3 for this.I miss my One.

Posted via my Note 3 rockin Kit Kat 4.4.2

I wouldn't trade my Note for anything, but a second phone.... If the camera is decent I can see myself doing it

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Someone didn't just leave the faucet on, they broke it. These leaks are non stop.
Knock feature will come in handy.
Really hope the dual camera function is easy to utilize, otherwise it'll end up forgotten like the 3d cam on the evo 3D.

Posted via Android Central App

I guess, since they cant seem to afford too much of the regular kind. Burn :-)

Posted via Android Central App

Or, I should say, what exactly does the second rear camera do? How does it work? You can't really tell from this.

Posted via Android Central App

Do I see on screen buttons? Why did they keep that big ass bottom part with the htc logo on it? I wonder if it serves a special purpose?

We all have been wondering about that

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

This is the HTC butterfly S with a newer version of Sense and processor and ( likely) a metal body instead of plastic like the HTC BS.

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Answered prayer for knock on/off feature amazing good job

Posted using HTC ONE via Android Central App

The upcoming HTC flagship looks quite nice and I hope that the new 6.0 Sense hardware isn't gimmicky. Just two more weeks and all the tidbits will finally be released. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a nice smartphone - despite all the criticism is has been taken lately. I am a T-Mobile subscriber and I'm looking to pick up the S5 on April 11th, but I want to hear more about the upcoming One flagship on the 25th.

I can't believe I'm actually thinking about getting the new One.

Posted with my HTC One GPe via Android Central App

Lol, I hear ya! I am currently selling my wonderful beautiful 2013 One and will definitely be getting this new beauty.

GPe or Sense? I'm seriously in doubt... will be keeping my Nexus 5 though

Ugh, 5" screen with those speakers, this phone is going to be HUGE. I loved my HTC One Dev edition but just sold it becuase compared to my Nexus 5 and Sony Z1 compact the One is just awkwardly long.

That HTC Logo/area is this phone's only mistake.
Design, SD Card Slot, Front Facing Boom Sound Speakers and Knock On..
They almost built the perfect phone.

Lame. Stealing LG's features now? That's pretty low. But the double camera again? HTC does not learn it's lessons too well.

Posted via Android Central App

Here we go with the copying comments again seriously get over it. I own a G2 and I want other oems to adopt this cool feature. Plus Nokia had it first then LG, and now Sony has it on the Z2 so I'm glad that HTC is using it also.

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Even the Sony Z2 is 16GB!!! What's going on!!! Dont they know that we can'r install our Apps on memory cards !!!!!!!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

It'll depend on what plan and carrier you're on as to the price per month here in Aus. I'm thinking of upgrading to it and I should get it for free on a 2 year contract.

Posted via my Motorola StarTAC Rainbow