Motorola Atrix 4G on Amazon

AT&T has yet to set a launch date or price for the Motorola Atrix 4G and HTC Inspire 4G, but Amazon isn't shacked to such trivial matters. The upcoming phones were briefly listed on the online retailer tonight but have since been pulled. the Atrix was listed at $149.99, and the 4.3-inch Inspire at $99. While Amazon often undercuts the carriers, there's not telling at this point whether those prices will be what we actually see once the pages return. And so, we wait once more. [Amazon: Atrix, Inspire] Thanks to everyone who sent these in!


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AT&T's Motorola Atrix 4G, HTC Inspire 4G briefly listed on Amazon, then pulled


Seriously? When am I going to stop hearing people say this? It doesn't make you sound smarter. The definition of 4G has been changed to include LTE and HSPA+.

True, but when you realize that ATT at this point has absolutely 0 (Zero) hspa+ coverage right now it does make you laugh. ATT is waaaaay behind. What kills me is on there 4G web page, they talk about all their 4G stuff and new phones and when you get to the map with the "Mobile Broadband" coverage there is fine print in the bottom right corner that says, "4G coverage not depicted". Borderline fraud if you ask me and deceptive. If you get one of these phones it will most likely be a year or more before you see any large benefit in speed. All they say is "select cities soon" which doesn't mean very many at first with no timeframe. I'm getting an Atrix BTW.

So the term "4G" means nothing anymore then. Its like the word deluxe, good for sales but means completely nothing. Sad.