Hey, AT&T users, you guys are getting Android phones. AT&T finally came to their senses and is finally (!) joining the Android party. We'll forgive them for being late because we're sure AT&T users all around the nation are excited to get their hands on some Android devices, and oh will there be Android devices. In fact, AT&T promises to launch FIVE Android phones in the first half of 2010 alone. Those devices will include:

  • A Motorola smartphone, powered by MOTOBLUR, with a unique form factor and an AT&T exclusive
  • Dell’s first smartphone, based on the Android platform and an AT&T exclusive
  • A HTC smartphone, based on the Android platform, and an AT&T exclusive

The AT&T Dell Android phone is purportedly the Dell Mini 3i we've seen launch in China and Brazil. The other devices are unknown at the moment but we'll definitely be keeping a watchful eye on this.

Android is now on all big 4 carriers in the US. Congratulations are definitely in order!

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AT&T Will Launch Five Android Phones In The First Half of 2010


I agree with you however the last one is probably the Xperia x10 since it passed the FCC with at&t banding. So moto backflip, htc espress, dell mini, htc hero, xperia x10

Wrong. They said 5 phones. 1 is dell, 1 is motorola, 3 are HTC. SE is not on that list even with att 3g bands. They would've said SE is on the list in the slide at the presentation. Could att get the x10 in the second half of 2010 since this is a first half list? Possibly, though by then it'll be too late. So x10 unlocked with att bands is more likely.

With the addition of so many truly web-capable devices, it will be interesting to see service problems experienced by iPhone users carry over to these devices or if they remain isolated to the iPhone.

Dammit! Can't wait for the Sprint conference tonight. If all these other carriers start rolling out the Android phones (and ATT is even getting WebOS) and Sprint doesn't keep up I might finally have to pay the extra money and switch after all these years. I seriously hope Sprint has more up its sleeve than the likely LG LS680 Android phone. Those LS ones are usually not my thing...too much fake bling.

I have a feeling it will be

mini 3i

the reason is tmobile got the Nexus One. The leaked roadmap from htc shows the bravo looking similar to it but not exactly and it contains hd video capture. The Legend is the next version of the Hero. the backflip and x10 passed the fcc showing att frequencies and the mini well thats probally the most obvious one.

o and the picture of the bravo has sense and the nexus 1 doesnt. it also shows and optical pad not trackball.