A new leak is showing off what is believed to be the first press image of the Galaxy S5 Active. The photo shows the device's front surface, which comes with a trio of Android navigation keys in a design language that's very similar to the Galaxy S4 Active released last summer. The Galaxy S5 Active was last shown off in a leaked YouTube video detailing some of its features, but this time we are seeing what appears to be a leaked, clear press photo posted by serial leaker evleaks.

The photo shows AT&T's logo in the software screen as well as the network's use of the 4G LTE logo on the Android notifications bar. At this point, neither AT&T nor Samsung has confirmed or commented of the existence of the device.

The Galaxy S4 Active was an AT&T exclusive when it launched last year. It's unclear if the Galaxy S5 Active will launch again on AT&T if and when it gets announced, or if the carrier will be able to snag another exclusive.

The image shown here portrays a device with bumpers around the top and bottom edges of the phone, which could potentially make the Galaxy S5 Active a bit more resilient to drops and tumbles than the standard, non-Active Galaxy S5 available today.

Source: evleaks


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AT&T version of the Galaxy S5 Active leaks out in new render


I have a friend with the Active and can't stand those buttons! I kind of fail to understand that point of this device when the S5 is already waterproof... If you need shock protection by a case.

IP67 can go 3 ft deep for like 30 min I believe... a little better than resistant and certainly enough for everyone that isn't swimming with devices.

The hardware buttons are necessary on the Active line phones because you can't use onscreen or capacitive buttons if you have gloves on, or underwater. If you're going to make a ruggedized phone, you have to assume that some of the users won't be using it bare-handed.

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exactly this. i think sometimes people forget the OTHER market for these rugid phones (construction sites, etc)... they arent JUST for your 16 year old daughter that breaks her iPhone once a month LOL

Exactly! The buttons aren't going to be for everyone, nor with the Active series. However, for those like myself that want a bit more rugged phone this will fill the bill perfectly! Can't wait to get hands on and see what it can do!

just look at the back of the phone in the leaked video.

it is clear that the S5 Active is only water resistant.(better than the regular S5) however, due to it's back design, it is absolutely NOT WATERPROOF. Drop it in the toilet for a few seconds will mostly likely be fine. Don't go taking pictures underwater.

The active is made to be able to take pictures under water, reason for the physical buttons, capacitive buttons do not work when the screen is wet.

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I just don't see the need...especially when the S5 is IP67. Get a heavy duty case and you are good to go. At least you can take the case off when you don't need rugged and have a normal looking phone again. If I worked construction or something, I'd get the S5, a heavy duty case for when i'm on the job, and a light duty case for the rest of the time...or nothing at all.

They call that 'CHOICE' - A good case is always great but imagine how big a PITA doing what you suggest is. How many times are you going to run out of the house and forget to snap that 'rugged' case back on. Then what? At least here if you want/need the rugged phone you have the option and don't have to shell out extra dough for an expensive case. You get most of the protection built in.

Right when I thought the Samsung design could not be any uglier.. This.
The G3 LQQKS like a *Supermodel* next to this thing.