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If you're looking for Android devices that are headed to AT&T in time for the holiday season, look no further. At their event hosted in New York City AT&T unveiled a massive amount of Android devices and offered us a first hand look at them all. The line up hits just about every category you can imagine be it low cost all the way up to the high end offerings. So what all did they bring? Check out the full list below and hit the links to get a hands on look at the devices individually:

As you can tell, that's a lot of Samsung and HTC love right there however, there is also the LG Optimus G that will making its way to AT&T as well. You can check out our previous hands on with that, if that's what you're holding out for. All of that said; anyone going to be picking any of these devices up? if so, which are you getting? If not, what are you holding out for?


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AT&T unveils holiday lineup in New York City, we go hands-on


You could not pay me to go back to AT&T..

Got my Note 1 running on T-Mo at $30.00 a month and loving it..

Keep your Capped Overpriced Plans AT&Ripoff..

Great Phones.. Horrible Plans...

that doesn't make sense. You would switch to T-mobile and use AT&T phones because their plans are only $30 a month but you would not switch back if they paid you? I certainly would use them if they were paying me. LOL

I'm due for an upgrade. Now it's between this and the Note 2. However, the biggest deciding factor is which phone will be easier to root and flash a custom rom? Now HTC in the past has been a pain but if the One X+ comes with an already unlocked bootloader, than the One X+ it is.

Smartphone first-timer here. Great to see many new phones being released for AT&T! As of now, the One X+ is top the list, but also looking at the One VX and the Galaxy Express for smaller screen size and probably the lower price range.

I'm on AT&T, but I think I'll pass. I'm waiting on the next Nexus phone or phones. Currently rocking JB on a Nexus S.


I am happily running CM9 on my Skyrocket, and hopefully CM10 in the near future. The SIII is sharp but not that big of an upgrade. I will wait for the IV or hopefully the Galaxy Nexus 2 (per the recent suspected mention of the name).

The One X+ is a beast to take notice of for sure. I used to be all HTC since the Audiovox SMT 5600 (Windows Mobile) up through the Tilt 2. Then HTC bombed out for me and I have been Samsung since the Focus / Captivate and now the GSII Skyrocket. 6 months... who knows.

The biggest thing I want is a native google device ala my Nexus 7!

Low cost? Like, it will set you back $2800 for the two year contract term, vs $3000 for the two year contract term?

The idea of a low-end smartphone has amazed me since day one. Why would you ever want to cut out spending an extra $100 or $200 for something that will run like crap for the two years you're stuck with it? That's textbook false economy, right there.

heck, if i was able to pay full price for the phone, for the privilege of opting out of a data plan, I would probably do it. Yet, no carrier in the US will let you. Curious.

i've had Zero issues with ATT, n i have 8 lines on my plan n the price isn't bad.. T-Mobile and VZW suck where i live.. always getting dropped calls, or signal isn't all that good.. Sprint is pretty ok but they plans and customer service is ass..

Just because ATT don't work in your area don't mean you should sway others from using it where it works great

I've had at&t for the last 4 years and its been a roller coaster ride to say the least but the service is OK I'm poor so I take what I can get but tmo and sprint is a laughable service here my sister has sprint I sit next to her she's Vic 1 bar I got 5 and she gets dropped calls and missed text messeges all day long