AT&T LTE speeds

It looks like the LG Nitro HD wasn't the only thing to hit New York City last night: the shiny new flagship is currently surfing on AT&T's 4G LTE network, which hasn't been "officially" switched on yet here in the Big Apple. We'll go ahead and assume that AT&T is still in the testing phases here in the five boroughs, with an official statement on its way. Whether it's here to stay or just a dry run, one thing is clear: AT&T is pulling some major speeds. Last night saw Ookla's Speedtest clocking in at 56.59 Mbps down and 12.81 Mbps up, which is almost too good to be true. Sure enough, this afternoon has already "slowed down" to  13.48 Mbps down and 1.14 Mbps up. Either way, New Yorkers looking to snag the Nitro HD on Sunday will surely be impressed by their data speeds. 


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AT&T teasing New York City with taste of LTE


It depends on how close you are to a tower. The highest I've gotten on my Thunderbolt is 65Mbps. It obviously does slow down if you are inside and if a lot of other people are on the network. At my prior place of employment I would get 30/15 Mbps on a regular basis. At my current place of employment which isn't that far away from my prior place of employment, but has a lot more businesses around, I only get about 15/7 Mbps.

Sprint better hope they keep unlimited data because my 800Kbps 3G speeds and basically worthless 4G that drops if I move away from a window or am not outside is really not going to keep me around if they start capping their data.

I really hope they start rolling out their LTE and get a few decent phones that will support it in the near future.

Holy bits! I would be *thrilled* with their "slowed down" speed of 13/1 Mb/s. Sprint has great phones, great support, great pricing, super policy (unlimited data), and good coverage. But I am getting really, really tired of Sprint's severely overloaded 3G "speed". At best it is mediocre, at worst it is barely usable. Often it is all over the map. The increased sales of smartphones has severely overloaded their network.

Why do we need that kind of speed on a phone? Has anyone stopped to think that this speed war between the carriers is actually costing consumers money with little appreciable gain, except for bragging rights?

I hate speed tests. They in no way show how fast you can actually up/download stuff.

My speed tests show 4Mbs a second for download, yet it will take me 5 - 20 seconds to download a 3Mb files from the Android Market.

Oh. Well then internet connections in America are all of a sudden a lot slower than I thought.

The speed tests are still deceptive. My home internet always shows 19 - 20 Mbps on speedtests, but when I download something it never gets above 2 Mbps (looking at the FF download box).

Thanks for clarification.

Your actual download speed ultimately is limited by the server you are connected to. Last week a server provided me dial-up speeds even though I have 36Mbps download service from my carrier. That was the worst I've ever encountered, but they range from wonderful to awful.

Well yeah. There are a lot of variables when it comes to actually downloading something. Obviously it depends on the server you are downloading from, but the speedtests are simply designed to test best case scenarios. Like for instance you can even choose different servers on speed test apps and sites and get really different results. For example I rarely choose the server closest to me to do a speed test as it doesn't even come close to the best result. My best results come from Comcast servers all over the U.S. even though I live in St. Louis and obviously the St. Louis server is the closest.

"The speed tests are still deceptive. My home internet always shows 19 - 20 Mbps on speedtests, but when I download something it never gets above 2 Mbps (looking at the FF download box)."

You are once again confusing bits with bytes. 19 - 20 Mbps equals 2.375 - 2.5 MBps. So, you are utilizing your bandwidth quite nicely if you get 2 MBps on a Firefox download.

Or, like anything else, you can stop being ignorant and learn about whatever it is you're complaining about.

Otherwise, you can always jump on the Apple bandwagon.

Which Speed Test app are you using? The Speedtest app in the Android market has a dial that tops out at 20Mbps, though it's shown me results a little bit faster.

This makes me extremely happy. I noticed a different symbol on my Samsung Skyrocket early Thursday afternoon here in Manhattan New York where the symbol said 4g/LTE and boy I was getting 37mps down and 26 up all night during the course of my 3x11 shift. The when I returned home to the Bronx after 1am the symbol on my Skyrocket said just 4g not LTE after the symbol but was still getting 17 down and 9 up on At&t I am happy. I returned back to Manhattan after 11am down near 14th street and was getting the 4gLTE symbol again and getting 30down and 27up this is great speed. It's pretty clear At&t has Manhattan LTE up and running pretty well now they need to get the other areas ie Bronx,Brooklyn,Queens and Staten Island going I look forward to that. My Skyrocket is kicking butt..

Your one of the lucky ones.. Imagine how the early adapters of the 3G Galaxy SII's must feel locked into a contract now....

Blazing on my GummyCharged 1,300 mhz Droid Charge.. Awaiting KAL-EL...

Im here in LA and the 4G LTE icon popped up on my skyrocket yesterday and I called ATT customer service and they confirmed that LTE testing is underway here and a soft launch will happen soon. Very excited and I must say they have really improved their HSPS + Faux G footprint i am averaging around 7mb per dl.