HTC Media Link HD

The HTC Media Link HD (see our first-look video) has been available in some outlets for a little while now. But starting this Friday, AT&T will be selling the Wifi Direct device for $90. (Yes, that's the full retail packaging you see above. And, interestingly enough, it's been listed on AT&T's website before today. No matter.)

The Media Link HD is the second generation of the device that, in a nutshell, lets you easily sent content from your phone to your HDMI-enabled television. We'll have a full review in the coming days. But we've been using a prerelease unit for some weeks, and it really is as simple as swiping your fingers up the screen. Your homescreens, images, videos -- even games -- are automagically beamed to your television, live and in living color.

Oh, and following up on this morning's story that the AT&T HTC One X is once again available online, HTC has also announced that stores should have full stock on Sunday, June 10. Pricing remains at $199 on contract.

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everyday17 says:

Does this work with the Evo LTE and/or WiDi equipped computers?

Yes on the EVO (and the One X, and the One S), dunno about WiDi

icebike says:

About $50 bucks too high if you ask me, since the use case for this device is pretty much limited to the first month, after which the novelty wears off and even your drunk friends are bored with it at parties.

This is the same AT&T that wanted to charge you 35 bucks for a 16gig MicroSD card, so
I suspect you will be able to find it for half in a couple weeks.

The HDMI adaptor is 8 bucks on Amazon.

gijoe12345w says:

Lets not forget the $500 lapdock. Lol

hmmm says:

Wonder what the cost will be once Amazon starts carrying them? I wouldn't think this will be the cheapest way to get it.

FaisDogg says:

Amazon carries this thing (older model) for $150

icebike says:

And a cheaper thing for $8.10.

msgnyc says:

Uhh... that aint wireless

bbarend says:

Wonder if Hulu Plus will block it like it does HDMI out?

FaisDogg says:

That means they will have to stop making Hulu plus for mobile phones...Hulu could have been way dominant in the market if they weren't so dumb IMO.. they already have enough ad revenue...

FaisDogg says:

I paid $72 for mine at local Sprint store, how easy and effective this thing is, I would have paid $150 if I had to...or more..Love seeing my phone mirrored in HD on a 65" LED TV

icebike says:

You must live alone.

How many in your family enjoy watching your phone on the big screen?

Impulses says:

Yeah, Sprint's been selling it since Saturday and you get a 20% discount if you buy two or more accessories. I know i probably won't use it much but at $72 I dont mind so much, tho I think it should be $60 (anything less would be a bargain considering audio only BT receivers go for $40 on Amazon).

I'll probably get it along with the car dock for the EVO LTE... I've never had a car dock but this one isn't too expensive at $30 something pre-discount, and it fits the phone with a case

kinster02 says:

They can keep that thing a those prices...the prices will drop once other retailers get a hold of it.

kinster02 says:

They can keep that thing at those prices. The prices will drop once other retailers get a hold of it.

bustervic says:

Does this work for any Android device?