HTC One X+ and One VX

Just a quick reminder that the HTC One X+ and One VX are available as of today on AT&T. The One X+ is the souped-up version of its 2012 flagship phone, with a 4.7-inch 720p display and a Tegra 3 quad-core processor running at 1.7 GHz. The VX is more on the mid-range side of things, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a look. It's got a 4.5-inch qHD display and a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Both sport HTC's excellent ImageSense camera system.

The One X+ runs $199 on contract, and the One VX is $49.

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AT&T's HTC One X+ and One VX available today


Finally! I'm looking to pick this up today at either Best Buy Mobile or an AT&T retail store.

The funny thing is that the HOX+ is not listed on the Best Buy website and the closest AT&T retail store seems like it isn't up to speed. I called yesterday to ask if they'll have any HOX+ and the guy replied, "I don't think so, does it launch this week?" Granted, its a very small retail store in a not-so-bid town in West Virginia I still expect them to know at the very least.

If anyone can chime in on what AT&T means by, "in stores" I'd appreciate it. It seems like they started shipping on the 15th and whenever it arrives at the stores is when they can sell it.

it could be that the nearest store isnt a 'corporate store' maybe just an authorized dealer. its been my experience that corporate stores seem to be in the know quicker than authorized dealers.

Looking for folks with ATT experience. Coming from Verizon to join my gf on family plan, she is already on ATT. Do they typically offer discounts for new customer, when I worked at Sprint we would discount a phone for a new activation.

I think they might, if not AT&T official locations I know third party places do. I believe you can often get phones for $0.01 from Amazon with a NEW contract, not an upgrade

now that this is finally out, i think i'm going with this over the S3. i'm on at&t and i currently have unlimited data. if i upgrade, will i be able to keep my unlimited data or will i be forced to the new data plans? i know vz forces people to their new data plans if they upgrade.

I upgraded to the GS3 three days ago and I was able to keep my unlimited data plan. It should be easy, but it depends on who the sales rep is and if they know what they are doing. My wife had the unlimited and when she upgraded the person told her it was still on unlimited, but now its on the 3GB data pro plan.

You can get that reversed. Call customer service and they'll handle it for you. Tell them it was a mistake on the part of the sales rep and you didn't authorize him to change it.

Talk about some disappointment!!! Today I called the ATT corporate store at the mall to see if they had the HOX+ in stock. The guy on the phone said, "Yes, we do."
So I went to Best Buy to return my HOX and hang on to my sim problem.

When I get to the ATT store at the mall, I state that I'd like a HOX+ and the guy says, we're not allowed to sell them till Sunday, when we do a system reset. And I reply, "Oh really? So the website says available today." He replies, "Yeah, but that's the way we do it."

So I'm like whatever to myself and run to my car to get my iphone 4. I come back and say that I need to activate my iphone. The same guy says, "I'm glad you came back, because we are allowed to sell them today. It must have been something new. And I didn't realize the display model was out..Its over there."

So I'm happy....I'll get my HOX+. The guy says "I'll go in the back and get one."
About 5 minutes later, he comes out empty handed and says, "We only got the display model and that's it." The shipment hasn't arrived yet.

Dubya Tee EFF That's all I gotta say. The search continues.