HTC One with Media Link HD

This underrated high-def streamer comes free with AT&T HTC One preorders through April 18

AT&T this morning announced that its HTC One, which will be available April 19, will come with a free Media Link HD. That begs the question: What the heck is the HTC Media Link HD?

It's not a new product. In fact, the Media Link HD is HTC's second foray into wireless streaming. As the name implies, it takes content from your phone and pushes it to your television in living color. And in high definition.

HTC made it dirt-simple, too. Plug everything in -- you use microUSB for power and HDMI to your TV -- and swipe up on your HTC One (or any of HTC's 2012 phones, too) to connect. It takes a few seconds the first time and is nearly instantaneous after that. 

The really neat thing about the Media Link is that HTC's continued to improved it over the past 8 months or so via software updates.

The caveat: To get the free Media LInk HD, you need to preorder the HTC One from AT&T, and do so by April 18.

Check out our full HTC Media Link HD from June 2012.

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Reader comments

AT&T's HTC One comes with a free Media Link HD for streaming (for a limited time)


It shows anything that is on your devices screen, so yes it would. Hmm Wonder if this would work with the Nexus 4 Miracast feature?

I was having some difficulty ordering online and when I went to an AT&T store to preorder I asked if I could still get the media link. I was told that I could so I preordered my phone. Now, after seeing that my phone is in transit, I noticed there was only a tracking number for the phone and the SIM card. Needless to say, an online chat with the AT&T help center not only did not resolve the matter, but after explaining my side of the story, the rep said: "Yes, but the free media link is only available with an online preorder. I had to scroll up to see if I hadn't already explained that I'd been informed that I could get it preordering in the store according to the rep. Of course, I felt it wouldn't do any good to repeat myself. Naturally, I'll speak with the store clerk when I pick up my phone on Friday.
Funny that this is what it says right on this page:

The caveat: To get the free Media LInk HD, you need to preorder the HTC One from AT&T, and do so by April 18.