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Another day, another LTE launch; Sacramento, California is now bathed in AT&T LTE coverage. This follows closely on a bunch of expansions last week, and is a continuing part of AT&T's plan to cover a healthy chunk of the U.S. population by the end of the year. 

We have any readers from Sacramento? Happy to get some LTE from AT&T, or are you already cozy with the competition? Which LTE handsets have you been holding out for?

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AT&T LTE expands to Sacramento


Never thought I would ever go back to AT&T. But given that they are expanding their coverage so fast while Sprint is starting from ground zero (my area with 1.5MM people isn't even on any Sprint schedule), it is making me wonder.

I'm from Sacramento, and noticed the rollout last week.

Running an HTC Vivid. No noticeable extra battery drain, speed faster, but seems very spotty. I can literally walk ten feet and the LTE icon will disappear. But whatevs. I'm happy.

This is good to know. If another Nexus device doesn't come to VZW this year (which seems unlikely), I'd like to option of being able to switch possibly to AT&T (since T-Mo won't have LTE).

ugh...5 miles west of me has lte(SF) and now 10 miles east has lte(SAC). i think they missed my

I'm a bit north of Sacramento (roseville), and have had lte since last week on AT&T. Coverage can be spotty indoors, but speeds are much better than what I was seeing on my SGS3 before. Battery drain is a little faster, but nothing to be too upset about. I got my S3 about 1.5 weeks before the rollout so I guess my timing couldn't be much better!

I noticed HSPA+ speeds are slower now in Roseville. I use to get around 5-8mbs on my gsm nexus but that droppped to 3 and my sister's lumia gets 8 what are you getting?

Well I'm not in Sacramento but rather in Marin county a mere 10 miles or so North of San Francisco, which rolled out quite some time ago and yet the most affluent area near SF has just about no LTE coverage. What's troubling is that when ATT says they're rolled out in a city, it may just be a small area rather than the entire area as one would think. I don't think Verizon is any better in that regard.

Sacramento resident and native here.

6 months ago I switched from Sprint to Verizon and have been blown away by both the speed of LTE and the coverage. I got in on the double data promotion so I get 4 gigs for $30.00.

Only way I'd go back to AT&T is if they lower their prices.

Noticed the LTE icon on my Galaxy S III last weekend. Love the speed and responsiveness. I like the way they are setting up their network, when not on LTE you get down to HSPA+ and not 3G like other networks. About time, keep it up AT&T.

What kinda speeds are you getting, please post. Plus what area of Sacramento are you in? Looks like AT&T hasn't updated their coverage maps as of yet to show Sacramento.

Glad to hear that Sacramento finally now have LTE. I hope a Nexus device will come to AT&T soon. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan and can't wait to use it with LTE. There's a 5GB throttle limit correct?