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The holidays may be looming, but AT&T continues to add more cities to its growing 4G LTE network. Following a handful of other cities earlier this week, today sees six more additions to the network, for those with LTE-compatible phones  --

  • Lancaster, Pa.
  • Ogden, Utah
  • Hartford, Conn.
  • Bowling Green, Ky.
  • Lexington, Ky.
  • Boise, Idaho

Seeing AT&T LTE reception for the first time this morning? Feel free to gloat in the comments.


Reader comments

AT&T lights up more LTE cities ahead of the holidays


I'm from Lancaster, 530k people live here, maybe 5k are Amish.

The LTE icon has been flashing on my GN2 for the last few days on and off during travels throughout Lancaster.

What, no announcement about Verizon turning up 29 new cities at the same time? How can AT&T users (like several i know personally) really think there is any competition between the carriers? Verizon's LTE reaches 4x more of the US population at this point, and AT&T isn't doing anything about their complete lack of infrastructure. Sure, where you get LTE is fast, but what good does that do the 75% of people who don't get it on ATT that would on Verizon?

Rant off.

While Verizon's 4G footprint is nothing shy of impressive, AT&T's overall footprint is in my opinion far superior. When you drop 4G on VZW, you're back to Ev-Do which is pathetic compared to AT&T's 3G/HSPA coverage. I have both carriers, and while I like VZW's 4G network better, AT&T is more reliable in my area. Louisville was lit up not long ago, and I am happy to hear Lexington now has 4G.

Funny, I have heard (and witnessed) the opposite; AT&T's coverage of HSPA+ might be larger than VZs coverage of LTE but it is if anything, on par with VZs 3G EVDO network in all of the circumstances where I have had the opportunity to drive the point home (yes I am that dick that inists you your "awesome" ATT connection before you talk out your ass) and the only time that the ATT network shines is in the rare areas where LTE is actually present. I can get LTE on Verizon on pretty much every town I travel to for work, and on pretty much every interstate I use to get there. AT&T can't say that by a long shot.

Based in the Louisville area where I live, VZW's LTE outshines AT&T's. There is a reason for this, and to keep it simple, it is based on the amount of spectrum each company holds in this area. I also drive a lot for my work, but in areas where neither company is willing to spend the money at the moment to upgrade their services. This leaves me with AT&T's HSPA network and Verizon's Ev-Do network. I will takes AT&T's network under these circumstances at any point in time. VZW got the jump on everyone in terms of LTE. AT&T will eventually follow up and they will almost be competitive. It's going to take some time. However, I would not bet a 2 year contract on VZW over AT&T. While VZW may have the best customer service, it is in my experience that AT&T has the best phone service. It is a trade-off in my opinion which is worth signing with AT&T. I used to neglect Sprint and VZW because they used to be CDMA only carriers.

Hartford, CT woohoo. Man, when they said by the end of the year, they werent pulling my leg. Thats cutting it close. Now to see how far around and outside of the city we get LTE as well.

Looks like we're up and running with LTE south of Hartford in Cromwell. 2-3 bars in my house, which is about the same as I was getting before.

LTE Is live in Harrisburg, PA as well. In fact if you go to their website it shows both Lancaster and Harrisburg as having LTE.

I live in a gateway city to Mexico with a lot of import/export business coming through. You'd think they flip on the switch for all the businesses here in my area, but noooo! Only Verizon and a Cricket which is a prepaid carrier have lit up LTE. It's not a big city but with all passing tourists from Mexico and truck drivers the network is always congested. Thanks AT&T....

getting 48 mb download and 17 mb upload in Boise Idaho. att is blazing fast. Verizon lte here has max of 22mb! i manage an att store here and am stoked its finally live!