AT&T this morning announced the addition of 10 more markets to its LTE roster, bringing its total to 471 markets nationwide.

New on the list are:

  • Dothan, Ala.
  • Vail, Colo.
  • Kalispell, Mont.
  • Utica-Rome, N.Y.
  • Prineville, Ore.
  • Clarksville-Hopkinsville, Tenn.-Ky.
  • Eagle Pass, Texas
  • Kerrville, Texas
  • Mount Pleasant, Texas
  • Uvalde, Texas

You can check out AT&T's coverage where you live at AT&T's coverage map.


Reader comments

AT&T fires up 10 more LTE markets


How many cities are in the US? Multiply that by the number of carriers and we have a LOT more of these articles on the way don't we?

I don't even like to look at this list anymore because the area I am still didn't get lte even thought t mobile, Verizon do have it. Just annoying to say the least.

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I'm an At&t user. Hate the Co. Love the coverage...But holy smokes looking at that map, could they use a more similar color to distinguish the different areas? What they only have orange crayons?

I completely agree. The different coverage is represented by a ridiculously slight gradient. Why not choose entirely different colors for each type of service?