Xperia TL

AT&T this morning confirmed what we've known for a couple weeks now -- Android 4.1.2 is pushing to the Sony Xperia TL. Noted is the addition of AT&T DriveMode, which at 25 mph can shut down features of your phone that could be distracting while driving and automatically reply to texts, e-mails and calls, saying that you're driving and are more responsible than your friends and won't be picking up the phone while your hands are on the wheel. (At least that's how we envision it.)

There's also a new camera interface, data usage calculator and improved power management.

If you've yet to get the update, head into the settings menu to get the ball rolling.

Source: AT&T


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AT&T confirms Jelly Bean pushing to the Xperia TL


The DriveMode would be a good idea, if implemented properly, i.e., let me decide to whether or not to use it. Making it mandatory would not be acceptable.

On my at&t One X, I can disable the app if I choose not to use it. I think it would likely be the same for the Xperia TL.