AT&T Samsung Captivate

AT&T announced today that the Samsung Captivate (see our hands-on) -- one of the four Galaxy S-class phones announced last week -- will be available July 18 for $199 after contract. You'll need a minimum $15 data plan, which should just about cover everybody, right? [@samsungmobileus]


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AT&T Captivate will be available July 18 for $199 after contract


has this phone been rooted already, I thought i seen somewhere that it has been done already before release.

With Sammy releasing essentially the same phone on four carriers no wonder there is a shortage of OLED screens. Sammy's hogging them all for their line of phones.... and I'm not mad! LOL I can't wait for the Epic to land on Sprint; hopefully sometime this month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed

WHERE will it be available on Sunday the 18th? Online only through the AT&T website? Will Best Buy stores have any on hand on the 18th?