AT&T released its Q4 2011 earnings this morning, saying it set sales records for Android devices in the three months ending Dec. 31. (It doubled Android sales in Q3 2011, you'll recall.) While it declined to give specific Android numbers, AT&T did say that it sold 9.4 million Android and iOS smartphones, 82 percent its postpaid sales were smartphones, and it activated 7.6 million iPhones. Do the math there, more or less, and you've got a boatload of iPhones, and some Android phones. But we're not one to look broken records in the mouth, and neither is AT&T, we reckon. The company also said it sold twice as many Android devices as it did in Q4 2010. 

Source: AT&T


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AT&T breaks its own Android sales record, but iPhone still rules the roost


That's not a hard record to beat. In Q4 2010, all of AT&T's Android lineup sucked, the Captivate being the most decent option you could get. Fast forward one year and most of AT&T's Android lineup still sucked, but they also had a few good ones to choose from: Atrix 2, GS II Skyrocket, Captivate Glide, Nitro HD.

Yea it doesnt hurt when they have the old Iphone 3gs and give them away for free on 2 year contract. I wonder if they ever broke down the numbers how many of each model they sold (excluding capacity) what would it look like.

They did actually, and most of the sales were the newest model, 4S. It is really stupid to get a 3 year old model just to save a couple of monthly fees over two years.

Att does have the numbers by model, region of the country, etc...they don't always release that info as then it brings more questions than they want to answer. All companies do that.