We got our hands on the AT&T's Asus PadFone X on Wednesday and we think its price makes it stand out. For $199 with a new contract or $549 full retail price, you get a combination of a 5-inch Full-HD LTE Android smartphone and a 9-inch Full-HD LTE tablet. What exactly do you get for the price? Watch our unboxing video to find out.

Package contents

  • ASUS PadFone X
  • PadFone X Station
  • USB cable
  • Power cord
  • Power adapter
  • Quick start

Since only the smartphone is actually connecting to the service, you only need one data plan on AT&T. That's another interesting aspect that makes this hybrid tablet/smartphone very tempting. The ASUS PadFone X will be available for pre-order exclusively from AT&T online or in stores on June 6th. We'll have our full review very soon.


Reader comments

AT&T Asus PadFone X unboxing


Why didn't you use the Valve crowbar to do the unboxing :(

AT&T exclusive? No thanks. I like this idea especially if there is a nice keyboard like on their Prime tablet available but an exclusive device sucks.

I really hope this concept takes off. I tend to hang out on the couch or on my deck with both a tablet and my phone - phone for text/calls and the tablet for everything else. It'd be nice if when I got home I could just slot my phone into the tablet then I have a single setup and one "device" to carry around.

My only worries is the lack of support from ASUS. They're not too stellar on updating their products in a timely fashion and add that molasses ATT updates, this thing will be outdated before you open the box. I really like it, but I been burned by ASUS products in the past buy hardware failure. Screen went out on the OG Transformer and charging port died on the N7 2012. Plus the design of this just doesn't hold me with all the new aesthetic from current makers.

It definitely could use a premium face-lift.. Asus should've just charged a little more.. I mean, c'mon, not even a chrome ring around it??

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

Holy cow!!! It comes with headphones and a charger!?!?! GAME CHANGER! These unboxing videos really need to go away.

I like the idea of a phone and tablet as one single set-up but as it has been said.. the look of this is not that attractive.
( from what we are seeing in this unboxing video.)

its a start.. Our phones are very capable of doing many many things and the time where they turn into the engines for more things is finally at hand.

i have been going on at great length how i would love for my android phone to have a chrome-os boot mode when connected to display/kb.

now that we are finally getting somewhere with miracast and chromecast technologies we could easily turn any large screen into something more than a passive display.