Still no word on pricing for AT&T's HTC One, though

Oh, how we loathe the word "exclusive." For those of us on the editorial side, it's become a bit of a joke. But when a U.S. carrier uses it, it means someone else is probably getting the short end of the stick. In this case, it's anyone not AT&T, which is boasting in a promo video that it's got the "exclusive" on a 64-gigabyte version of the HTC One. (For what it's worth: The storage sizes aren't what's new here -- AT&T announced all that back in February. It's the "exclusive" part that's new.)

That means if you were hoping for the larger storage options on T-Mobile or Sprint, you might not get it, at least not at first. That said, the vast majority of "normal users" (chances are if you're reading this that isn't you) will never come close to hitting that 32GB limit. So, there's that. If you're holding out for a Verizon variant of the HTC One, we'd be willing to bet that 64GB might still be on the table, though. That's up to Big Red, though.

Meanwhile, we still don't have pricing or availability. So in the meantime, be sure to check out our full HTC One review, and swing by the ever-exciting HTC One forums!

And check out AT&T's promo video after the break if that's your thing.

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AT&T apparently has an 'exclusive' on 64GB HTC One


Is HTC everrr going to learn that high volume sales don't come from carrier exclusives??? Same to Motorola!
Motorola's only U.S. customer is Vzn.

I sent an email to HTC stating that this exclusivity with AT&T is going to cost them sales. Here's their response:

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for contacting HTC Technical Support North America!

I understand how you may be feeling about this situation right now. AT&T signed for the exclusivity of HTC One 64 GB version; nonetheless, remember you can still purchase the device and unlock it (or purchase it unlocked), so that you can activate it with your current carrier company. I strongly advise you to contact Sprint and AT&T for further information in regards to this matter.

If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reply to this email. Remember you can also contact us through htc's website /us/support/email-support or call us at +1-866-449-8358 from 8AM to 1AM, 7 days a week.

Thanks for supporting our products and services!

I'm not switching from Sprint since I have two other lines that have over a year left on the contract. This will most likely cause me to purchase the S4.

I'm perplexed or perhaps confused.

Does the 64 GB unlocked version work with all radio frequencies including LTE used by all carriers because if it does, then that flexibility alone with no contract carriers may be worth the extra expense. I may be mistaken but I thought I read the next generation Snapdragon A800 SOC will be able to receive the full range of all carrier's RF's.

It will take an insightful knowledgeable person to answer these questions.

Well, that's it. Going with the Galaxy S 4 on Sprint, then.
I was already apprehensive about the HTC One and the lack of the MicroSD slot, but this cemented it. I'm staying on Sprint and that's not changing. I imagine for a lot of people they stick with the same carrier due to hassles changing.

Designing a device with fixed memory, delaying it, and locking the decent-sized one to a carrier CONSISTENTLY RATED THE WORST IN THE COUNTRY FOR THE LAST DECADE is the exact opposite thing HTC should be doing.

All phones have "fixed" memory. I think you mean storage...
32GB is not bad, although artificially restricting the availability of the 64GB version sux.

I've never needed customer service to begin with, no problems with my phone or service, some would say that's a good thing?

First of all, it may be a three-month exclusive, so there's still a chance Sprint and T-Mo may get it.

Second, no one knows the pricing. A 64GB variant may be be $399 or $349, and the 32GB may be $299 or $249? Is it really worth $100 for that extra 64GB? Maybe, since you can't expand any other way, but otherwise it's way too much.

In a perfect world, it's $199 for the 32GB and $299 for the 64GB, but with the build quality of guessing it might go $50 higher for each. It appears Samsung is charging $249 for the 32GB SIV.

You will probably have to buy it off contract and pay full price before AT&T will allow you to unlock it.

HTC can shove that phone. I wanted the 64gb version from the second I heard it came with that storage. I am not changing my Carrier because of HTC giving AT&T the exclusive. I am pissed off and HTC isn't going to get my 800 bucks this year. I'll go with the SGS4. That is dumb, dumb, dumb business. I hope that phone does shit for sales. I am the biggest nut for int storage and I can not get over HTC who needs all the sales they can get to give any one Carrier any exclusive. Fuck HTC.

Agreed, aren't off contract phones usually more expensive? I'd consider a One off contract if the price was right. It's hard to deny it's incredibly good looks!

Hey vinny jr...refer to deutch's post up top containing HTC's written CS response. Perhaps the unlocked HTC One is (your) an option. I'm unclear about the radios.

Sprint will not activate a phone that does not have an ESN in their system. In other words, if it didn't come from a sprint store its a no-go.

NOooooo! And I was so excited.
Now a reason to not rush to upgrade from my Sprint HTC EVO LTE and let our contracts wind down to lower ETA fees after 13 years. Wait to determine the LTE build out race leader in my Southern California area among carriers. Wait to determine the radio frequencies available in each carrier's device. Wait for the Snapdragon A800. Wait to see what's up with the Nexus 5 X phone. Perhaps change to no contract. With the HTC EVO LTE, fortunately I can exercise patience. HTC will update my "best in class" EVO LTE with Sense 5 and KLPie. A so last year plastic touchwiz GS4 definitely NOT. Can't envision shooting myself in the foot for 32 Gb I have yet come close to maxing that capacity. Gonna chill and remain rational. The HTC One Superphone remains clearly the best and most desired among 67% of 25.000 discerning AC preference survey respondents and a vast array of professional reviewers.

and because it's right for 67% of 25,000 people it must be right for you? I'm willing to bet you're on the HTC pay roll. Perhaps they should stop paying bloggers to argue arbitrary things like AC surveys on blogs and actually market their products like the plastic touchwiz GS4 does. You're bad at what you do.

25,000 individuals is a huge sample and AC readers are more informed and discerning than the general public.

HTC has the differentiation to aggressively market and will this time. Hey those 3 ATT videos rather compelling, eh.!

What's Sammy got? NOTHING! Oh, you can remove and reassemble your Otter Box, swap your battery, reboot while on the move instead of simply recharging after 10 hours. Show a promotional video of that. Bring it!

lol i'm not on anyone's pay roll and i certainly wouldn't be on samsung's if they had one. but at least they know how to turn a profit, you make a variety of products available as widely as possible and keep your shit up to date. isn't it telling that HTC has to rely on carriers to market their products? they're not doing it right. Personally the only feature that is attractive to me is the stereo speakers but that is not enough for me to ignore the blink feed, silly changes to the UI and all of the other irritations that come with sense. Keep in mind I own an HTC right now. Back to my original point, though...AC readers are so well-informed that you getting on here and talking about which phone (that no one has seen) is more popular isn't going to sell phones for anyone. AC readers will make up their own minds, myself included. And what it all comes down to anyhow is personal preference.

lol are u really that naive? it's not big money but everyone does it these days...from soft drink companies to political campaigns...if you think every blogger on the internet is an objective observer, I've got some waterfront property in New Mexico I'd like to sell you

Exclusivity really sucks. It is not like someone is going to change carriers to AT&T just because of that (at least most people will not) so all it does is hurt HTC's sales... again.


I agree 100%. The thought of this type of exclusivity never crossed my mind. I was all on board for purchasing the 64 option from Sprint, but if this is true, I'm holding on to my EVO LTE. This makes no sense, and HTC should be ashamed of themselves.

Exactly. AT&T is one of the worst companies in the world when it comes to customer service! More people will leave HTC than join AT&T.

AT&T paid them for the exclusivity. People on other carriers who really want this phone will settle for 32GB if they aren't willing to move. They're probably getting more money from AT&T's exclusivity payment than they will lose on sales.

HTC need to release this thing with 4.2.2 and not 4.1.2. Knowing that it will be probably a year if they leave it at 4.1.2.

Then I wouldn't care, 32GBor 64GB.

Difference between 4.2 & 4.1 so minor, some tablet related, shouldn't be a relevant factor. Photosphere & Miracast on select devices! Seriously worth going obsessive compulsive?

Moreover, HTC currently doesn’t lag with updates contrary to the uninformed prejudicial nonsense blather.

As a former HTC owner, I couldn't help but laugh at that update statement. The rezound is still waiting on an update that was announced a year or so ago.

as an EVO 4g owner, they may have lost me forever bc of their apprehension on updates. I saw one update from froyo to gb while over the life cycle of my phone android 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2 were all released. The Sense UI is so heavy that even when they do update, it's often a half baked version anyhow. the lack of internal storage is going to limit their capacity for a major upgrade like KLP, let alone 4.2 so I think there will be some buyers remorse by the end of the year when One owners see their last real update.

Jimbo, the problem is, that the last few HTC phones I've owned, within a year have stopped being supported.

I currently own an HTC Vivid. It was originally released with GB and 4 months later it was upgraded to ICS. It has now been on ICS for a YEAR. Other devices by other manufactures (and HTC) in the same hardware era have been upgraded to JB. HTC formally said a month ago that the Vivid (Holiday/Raider) would NOT be getting an official JB update.

Exantly, I agree with Jimbo. Hence Sense being very bloated before, but now sense is very light and close with stock, making it extremely easier for HTC to update their Sense 5 devices.

Also a 4G owner and it wasn't Sense that caused the problem. It's the 1gb of internal memory that won't allow the updates after GB.

Slightly correct, bumpandrum. The original HTC EVO 4G has 512 MB internal memory.

And as you probably intended to write, it's understood that antiquated hardware combinations and the carrier are the primary factors for hitting the upgrade wall. Also, the development of new hardware and software has been very rapid.

Just for further clarification, Sprint's HTC EVO LTE with its Dual Core Snapdragon processor and 1 GB of internal memory has been updated JB 4.1.1 / Sense 4+ and will receive Sense 5 and probably KLPie. Verizon's HTC Rezound owners have a legitimate right to be upset with dual core Snapdragon and 1 GB internal memory still on ICS. Perhaps it's the all powerful BIG RED who sucks...your money also.

Sorry but you have idea what you are talking about. When the og evo came out it was released with éclair. The evo was the very first device in the world to receive the froyo update after the nexus one. Almost a year later, the evo was one of the first devices updated to gingerbread. You can't expect a 3 year old device to still get updates do you?

I stand corrected. However, the phone came out in july of 2010 so to expect it to receive software updates at least through the end of the next year is not outrageous. ICS came out a few months after the Evo and it never saw it. As has been noted above, this may be that it had limited internal storage and HTC has improved but I don't think anyone can really claim they are at the forefront of Android OEM's when it comes to updating their phones. And I have still yet to hear anyone explain to me why we should be ok with 2013's flagship phone being released with Jellybean 4.1 and not 4.2 which has been out for half a year.

The evo came out in June 2010, as of the end of 2011 tell me how many phones actually had ics? It was only around this time last year that other phones started to get updated to ics. You have no reason to complain, the og evo was supported very well.

You're right as far as the dates; forgive me for mixing years. The Evo 4g's limited internal storage probably had a lot to do with it being upgraded. Yet however ignorant it may be, consumers these days (myself included, apparently) don't care to hear excuses or to be told that they should be happy with what they got. They want to know that the phone they are buying (especially with the iPhone as a viable alternative) will stay relatively up-to-date with software throughout their contract. While I should have known better than to pay $200 to sign a contract on a phone 6 mos into its life cycle and expect it to keep pace, releasing a flagship phone with last year's android is a bad move. Here's hoping they prove me wrong!

Why are you still using an Evo 4g? That is a 3 year old phone! If you never upgrade you really shouldn't expect a lot of updates.
Honestly, when the EVO 4g came out Samsung was considered the out and out WORST company for updates. The entire reputation they have is based on the last two years. So how about we try to be a little bit more fair than this?

You clearly know that's Verizon decision piizzadude.

Moreover, the HTC Rezound has received the Jelly Bean update.

Why misrepresent?

Splitz, Michael, and others should have learned by now, and it stands to reason, older limited hardware eventually won't support new Android versions, features, and capabilities.

Where the hell do you get your information from. Please show me where the Rezound has received it's Jelly Bean update.

who wants to buy a phone that comes with outdated software out of the box? With KLP on the horizon, it will still be months before HTC even updates to 4.2 with a jump to KLP likely it's last update and one that will probably be compromised because of the sense UI as has been the case with previous HTC phones. That being said, if updates aren't your priority HTC can put out decent hardware. On the other hand, Samsung is still updating the Galaxy S2. Don't get me wrong, I've got my gripes about them but if I can get my money's worth over the course of a contract with software (which, to me, is far more important than construction materials), I intend to and it seems like HTC (and Moto, at least pre-Google) weren't very concerned with keeping software current. Their previous strategy of releasing phones exclusive to each carrier (Evo, Vivid, Droid Incredible, etc) was probably a huge obstacle with this so it remains to be seen if having one phone available across all carriers will make the process easier but things aren't promising when a phone is running software that's been out of date for 6 months already with an even newer version a month away.

woops...Calvin, thanks for pointing out my error.
I stand corrected. The Feb 2013 update for the Rezound did not include JB.

Careful, your cognitive abilities are showing. Couldn't help myself. Back then, to your point, "it stands to reason, older limited hardware eventually won't support new Android versions, features, and capabilities," if that's the case why on earth would anyone want to buy a brand new phone running year old software out of the box that has been outdated for months? This would imply to me that this phone will not be able to keep pace with regards to software relative to other OEM's. Probably not a deal-breaker for most but it gives me pause.

Michael...Obsessing over each incremental 2nd or 3rd decimal number can be a misappropriation of concern. Again, the difference between 4.2 & 4.1 is so minor, some tablet related, shouldn't be a relevant factor. Photosphere & Miracast on select devices! Look it up yourself.

I understand why the difference gives you pause. Some like Verizon's Rezound owners have been seriously let down. There are always options, trade offs, and a reasonable resale market. I'm now backing off my initial enthusiasm since I have a "best in class" EVO LTE until further evaluation as described in an earlier post in this thread. Samsung also isn't known for timely updates and HTC has been better with recent models and personally I can't take a decent photo with the unattractive and cheaply constructed touchwiz SG3 which seals the deal for me.

exactly. every phone has its strengths and weaknesses and I'm not a blind supporter of any OEM. In my mind, HTC has always been the best Android OEM with hardware but the software doesn't do it for me. Conversely, Samsung has always tended to slack on the hardware but I've been very fond of their software. Personally, I like stock android but the Nexus line is not available on my carrier and they still have some hardware work to do from what i can tell. No offense, but it's when you say things like "best in class" before your phone model that makes u sound like an unobjective tool of HTC. The One and GS4 along with the other respective flagships have their pros and cons but acting like one is an absolute no brainer is disingenuous.

Using "best in class" moniker describing the HTC One X, Evo LTE, and Droid DNA when referring to their cameras compared with all other current smartphones, then YES, they are definitely "best in class". Anyone can simply go into any store, take pictures with the various handsets and see for themselves. Or read the vast array of professional reviews. In fact the only "camera" rival happens to be the iPhone.

If my post was referring to capabilities other than the cameras, then your point, Michael, is well taken. I'll monitor my enthusiasm.

Of course we should all know by now some people like to think they want to swap batteries when they rarely if ever do. Others think they want 128 GB of storage they never use. Others prefer covering their plastic handsets with glitter studded sports team favorites cases. Others feel the need to constantly update their Rom's or have the most up-to-date Android OpSys before anyone else. Probably someone actually prefers Touchwiz over Sense. In fact there are people who are still using the original EVO 4G who complain they haven't been updated to ICS yet are critical about HTC's compelling new features. That's why this technology, especially Google's open source Android, is so wonderful and empowering that anyone can feel free to have a reason to be dissatisfied.

haha condescension aside, we both agree android is an awesome platform. Please forgive me for trolling at the start of our dialogue but the only thing that irritates me more than the iphone fanboys are the android fanboys that proclaim any one OEM has a monopoly on quality android handsets. I look forward to seeing both phones for myself and taking it from there!

Seriously why are people making it an issue about the 4.1.2 HTC ONE and the 4.2.2 SGS4? Most wouldn't know the difference to begin with. Matter of fact what is the difference?

the problem is that the phone was released almost 6 mos after the 4.2 version was released. HTC is already notorious for being slow to update if at all. what this means to a consumer signing a 2 yr contract is that they can expect to be a year behind updates at best. If HTC went just a little more vanilla and kept up with the updates, they would convince more consumers. It's not that there are huge differences between 4.1 and 4.2 it's that the phone comes out of the box with outdated software. If HTC doesn't see that as a problem, they may really be on the way out after all.

Another person who doesn't understand that it's your carrier, not HTC that doesn't update. HTC and Sprint are always on top of updates.

I have an Evo 4g on sprint that saw one upgrade from froyo to gingerbread. HTC is notoriously bad at updating. Perhaps because they have tended to release different phones for each carrier in the past and that will change with the One. But if history is any example, the One will always be at least a year behind on software considering it comes out of the box with a year old version of android that has been outdated itself for 6 months. This is because of the heavy amount of tweaking they do with the sense, it requires a substantial amount of time. I don't think that HTC has been working on the One any longer than Samsung the GS4. Samsung simply makes minor tweaks like changing the font and the color scheme while HTC insists on re-envisioning the whole UI from the app tray to the home screen. There's no legitimate reason this flagship phone should ship with anything but the latest software.

You are absolutely right regarding why the One is shipping with older software. They did the same thing with the One X. This is part of why after owning a Vivid and then the One X(for a month) I will only be buying Samsung from now on. HTC cares about Sense more than anything else and will release phones with negatively impacted performance if that is what is required to make room for Sense.

Obviously Samsung could care less about their dysfunctional and kludge Touchwiz in their effort to mass produce cheap high margin handsets.

I won't swear allegiance to any particular company but my experience with the Evo 4g has been largely negative for many reasons and while I'm open to their subsequent products, releasing a phone with old software isn't going to bring me back to the fold. I agree with your sentiment. HTC clearly had so much to do working on the sense that they had to start before android 4.2 was even released which in today's market place seems ridiculous. Make your custom widgets, throw on your own music player and camera functions and be done. There's no need for a redesigned app drawer and a Dropbox rip off that can't be removed. I'm hoping the next Nexus has some wider availability.

Pretty sure 4.2.2 has legitimate group messaging. That is a big difference from the broken ish with 4.1.2.

That's fine by me. Most people do not even fill 16gb,let alone 32! I can't wait for the ONE ON T-MOBILE!

My excitement for this phone continues to diminish. I've gone from looking daily for pricing info and a firm release date to thinking I'll just stick w/ my EVO LTE into the fall until news of the next Nexus comes out. All the while, HTC continues to royally sh*t the bed.

Yes they do. I've already had several people tell me that the HTC One has been available since last year. They really need to fire their entire marketing and sales depts.

Considering that the vast majority (over 80%) of GS3 and iPhone sales are for the 16GB versions, I don't think this is going to be a big deal. Heck, look at how many people still buy the 16GB Nexus 4! While I wish the 64GB option was there on other carriers, I will still buy the 32GB version...and might've ended up doing that anyway.

The problem is for Sprint customers right now. If you don't live in an area that has been converted the 3G service is shit right now and so you have to store media on your phone.

lol at both HTC and AT& exclusivity marriage made in hell and a good fit.... Both care nothing about the customer post sale/contract signing but they'll both push like hell and "sweeten the pot", pre sale/contract. AT&T is always near the top of the yearly "most hated American companies" (usually only behind the oil companies) list and I have to wonder how they ever retain a customer past 2 years. Don't even get me started on HTC.

I hate AT&T with a passion and would go without a phone before paying them one red cent. This will convert me to Samsung.

I just emailed HTC to find out if this is true. I've been a huge supporter of them since the Evo 4G but if they do this I'm done. You can't not have an sd slot and then limit the storage to 32gb. Especially on Sprint right now since they are still working on LTE and 3G service really stinks. I can't stream very well unless I'm on wifi so I have to put music, movies, etc. on my phone.

I was looking forward to buying this phone, however if Sprint is not offering the 64gb forget it, no with no sd card the 64gb for me is a must. I have been suffering thru with a Evo 4g lte (which is a piece of junk). I will not switch to ATT so I guess it Samsung or Iphone for me.

Lets be quite honest, if the 64gb version was to be exclusive to TMO or Sprint, people here would be jumping up and down with joy. Saying like "woot" "OK!" Now, I think its should be available on all carriers, and on this I do agree.

Why would a company that has been struggling in sales limit their most wanted version of their newest and best device to a certain Carrier?? Dumb as hell and will certainly hurt them. AT&T had the exclusive of HTC's One-x and that phone did poorly, so poorly I think they are going to stop making it. HTC is putting themselves right out of business. They continue to make very dumb decisions. I was so looking forward to the 64gb version.
Now I know why I am a Samsung fan and supporter, they continue to give their customers what they ask for without fail. The SGS4 is the better device, I don't know what I was thinking. Thank You Samsung

I had the One X on At&t and the main reason that phone did poorly was because it was a laggy non multitasking phone with a barely functional browser. I can only attribute this to having Sense because the GS3 with the same cpu and GPU did not have these problems.

And how slow will they push out updates.. Atrocious news. I guess htc doesn't have the leverage to make the rules but hopefully this gives htc that promo coming from the carriers marketing budget.

I am severely disappointed by this move HTC. I am a T-mobile subscriber and was looking forward to getting my hands on a 64gb version of the HTC One. Then you went and gave AT&T the exclusive rights to the 64gb version. I was one of your biggest advocates and was planning on switching from Samsung over to HTC again. Sadly now I will have to give Samsung my business once more. Why on earth would you do phone exclusives with carriers:-( You could do color exclusives but not when it comes to specs like storage. I am so disappointed HTC. That really hurt as I was looking forward to coming back, perhaps next time because I plan on sticking with T-mobile !!!

I'm with T-Mo, too, and this exclusivity sucks. Just when I thought they were heading to the right direction.

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Weeeeeell, if HTC is going to do exclusives, than how about giving a exclusive Verizon version "One" (or whatever name they decide to give the device for said carrier) with a 13 megapixel camera? Ditch that gimmicky crap-tappulous 4.0 ultra pixel nonsense and wake up. I'd be on board if it wasn't for the camera. Good low light, but fuzzy washed out pictures aren't what people want on their device. Are we really going back to having to carry a phone and a separate point and shoot? C'mon HTC...think about that camera exclusive baby! Lol