AT&T has been on a tear lately with their LTE network expansion and overhaul, and tonight they have made yet another big announcement. The company will be lighting up LTE in five new markets, expanding existing coverage in eight others, and has announced a big list of locations scheduled to get LTE data coverage by the end of 2013.

AT&T 4G LTE currently covers over 225 million people in 370 markets, and with tonights news, they should be covering nearly 270 million people in 400 markets by the end of 2013. Verizon may have had quite the head start, but nobody can say AT&T is resting on their laurels.

Your lists are after the break.

New LTE Markets:

  • Ruston, LA
  • New Bern, NC
  • State College, PA
  • Georgetown, SC
  • Jayuya, PR

Markets getting expanded coverage:

  • Atlanta, GA expansion (Putnam County)
  • Baton Rouge, LA expansion
  • Lafayette, LA expansion (St. Martin Parish)
  • Shreveport, LA expansion (north & south)
  • Oxford, MS expansion (Panola County, Lafayette County)
  • Albany, NY expansion (Delmar, Troy)
  • San Juan, PR expansion
  • Guayama, PR expansion

Markets slated for LTE coverage by the end of 2013:

Fairbanks, AK Brookhaven, MS                             
 Dothan, AL McComb, MS
Selma, AL Natchez, MS-LA
Redding, CA Kalispell, MT
Durango, CO Greenville, NC
Pueblo, CO Jacksonville, NC
Tifton, GA Fargo, ND-MN
Waycross, GA Elmira, NY
Kauai, HI Utica-Rome, NY
The Big Island, HI Portsmouth, OH
Des Moines-West Des Moines, IA Sandusky, OH
Twin Falls, ID East Stroudsburg, PA
Lewiston, ID-WA Pottsville, PA
Decatur, IL Abilene, TX
Kankakee-Bradley, IL Amarillo, TX
Peoria, IL Longview, TX
Paducah, KY-IL Marshall, TX
 Alexandria, LA San Angelo, TX
Lake Charles, LA Tyler, TX
Lewiston-Auburn, ME Port Angeles, WA
Battle Creek, MI Appleton, WI
Jackson, MI Fond du Lac, WI
Joplin, MO Oshkosh-Neenah, WI
 Poplar Bluff, MO Gillette, WY
Rolla, MO Sheridan, WY

Reader comments

AT&T announces new LTE locations, expansions and plans for 50 new markets in 2013


I think they meant Fargo metropolitan area, which includes Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo, and possibly other small towns around it such as Horace and Casselton.

How does Frederick, MD still not have LTE but Fairbanks, AK will, its so remote there is a show about getting to the damn place.

Posted via Android Central App

Verizon has had LTE service in my area for 2 years now. When are AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint going to provide this service? (I live in Antelope Valley SoCal).

Posted via Android Central App

I think you meant "live in hell" LOL Yes, Palm-Caster (Palmdale/Lancaster) is the red headed step child of Los Angeles County. Most of LA County has ATT LTE and I'm surprised they have not expanded to the AV/SCV. The 661 is a largely populated area.

glad to see Hawaii getting some LTE love! can't wait for LTE to cover the entire state instead of just a few islands!

I hope the next Nexus device have LTE capability. I'm missing out on it.

Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App

I've always wondered how they decide where to upgrade or what order they upgrade the towers in. Verizon has had LTE in my town for 1 year. We aren't on any of the AT&T rollout plans or T-Mobile rollout plans yet. But we are on sprints rollout plan for LTE in 2013.

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This just shows how advanced Verizon is over the other carriers. They have always put money and time into their network which has given them the lead and best coverage hands down. I have been with Verizon for over 15 years and never dropped a call if my cell coverage was good. I work in a building with AT&T LTE towers on the roof and all the AT&T customers always drop calls inside or out all the time go figure!

You do realize the towers on the top of the building are pointed OUT and not DOWN into the building, right? SMH. Big Red whore.

I'm NOT using Verizon...and also have never dropped a call when I have good cell coverage.

Posted via Android Central App

What happened to Champaign-Urbana Illinois? We were supposed to get LTE by September and now aren't even on the list for 2013?? Baffles me that a Big Ten College town is still without LTE.

My fiancée's GS3 just started showing LTE on Friday. It's not as fast as in Chicago but it's faster than the HSPA+. Also service on 57 is so much better over the last 6 weeks too.

Wait, so Poplar Bluff, MO is getting LTE by year's end but my town not too far out of St. Louis, MO is still covered by "4G" only?

Sorry, I have to laugh. I guess that will help that third-world city "develop". For now I'll continue to take Louis C.K.'s stance on cellphones and how amazing they are that they can do what they do.

This area, around Lancaster/Palmdale is not going to see 4G LTE from AT&T in the near or distant future. AT&T still doesn't have decent 3G data coverage out at Edwards AFB. Folks who want to make phone calls and check their email in the AV tend to have Verizon. Sorry AT&T, but you've left us without reliable service for far too long.