Dell Streak Froyo

An internal e-mail confirms that the locked versions of the Dell Streak, such as the one on AT&T, will have to wait until the week of January 12th for the Froyo update. The OTA was thought to be coming earlier, but has been pushed back for an unknown reason. 

In other Streak news, the ship date for Streaks preloaded with Froyo has been pushed back to Dec. 26, causing anger among customers hoping to get their hands on the device earlier. 

Not the best news for Dell or Streak owners; let's hope the long awaited Froyo isn't delayed much more. [Streak Smart]

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If the Streak gets it's Froyo on before my Captivate does, heads will roll; "roll", I say.

cpk86 says:

That is exactly the first thing I thought as soon as I saw this post!

bobaka says:

and STILL no update for the Captivate....

Cagey48 says:

I'll have a new phone by the time my cappy gets froyo...

Streak_Freak says:

Well, it's Feb. 12th, where's my freakin' Streakin' FROYO!